The Dwarven Confederation of Zarhuy (Also known as the Dwarven Confederation of Kaiehm or the Dwarven League) was a commercial and defensive confederation of Duergar and Dwarven merchant and artisan guilds and their Market Mines. It dominated the southern Kazrrad trade, and as well was a direct competitor to the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov in the trade routes of inner Zarhuy in Antor and the Bareds. It stretched from the Stiel Mountains to Nortunk during the Late Human Age.

The Confederation was created to protect economic interests and diplomatic privileges in the Mines and Dwarven countries and along the trade routes the duergar merchants visited. The Confederation Mines cities had their own legal system and furnished their own armies for mutual protection and aid. Despite this, the organization was not a city-state.

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