The Autocratic Nutk States (EAN), commonly referred to as the Nutk Nations, is a union of Nutk nations, nominally under the rule of the King of the Nutks, a king of the Utan clan. In some states as Nortenz the King have absolute power, while in others as in Utan is a constitutional monarchy, and in others is a mere figurehead of the state.
It consist in the Empire of Nortenz, the Nutk Confederation, The Nutk Union, Kalingia, Kasmian, Folsbury and Utan.

The EAN claimed 415 planets as art of their territory: of these 415 planets, only 6 are Capital world (with a population over inhabitants), 24 main worlds (population under and over 100.000.000), 76 Colony worlds (population under 100.000.000 and over 100.000 inhabitants) and 39 colonies (worlds with permanent population under 100.000 inhabitants), having as well claims over 267 uncolonized planets.

The EAN population is of around 65.000 million people, being divided clearly in 46.000 million inhabitants of Nortenz and 19.000 millions of the other nations. As EAN, they are the second largest human nation on population size, and the largets in extension of planets -but many of their planets are scarcely populated-.

The Capital World of the Empire is the world of Utanador, homeworld of the Utan Clan, a small aiers-type planet of 312.500.000 inhabitants. However in a functional way, the capitol would be planet Ots, in the Ots Star System. (about EAN inhabitants) and Saya-Taya, Nortenz capital ( inhabitants).

Member States of the Autocratic Nutk StatesEdit

Empire of NortenzEdit

The oldest of the Nutk nations of space, it origins is in the Northern Alliance 1st Space Fleet, which reached the Saya-Taya Star System at the 3333 a.a.H. A large colonial with ark ship programs, it had settled in Saya-Taya at the year 3334, before the lost of contact with Aiers of the 3336 a.a.H, continuing with the exploration and colonization of space as was their original mission -under the same premises in case of contact with other human settlements of enemy nations of the Northern Alliance-, colonizing that same year the Ofinxer Star System, and the next year, the Yak-Yakken Star System (3337), using the jump ports called Data Zones.

At the 3338 a.a.H, they found in the star system of Finolair Ruhenian settlements, which they destroyed, beginning the Nortenz-Ruhenian War. The next year as well, a violent first contact with the RFB in the star system of Aiz-Barrif will begin the RFB-Nortenz War (3339-3349). At the 3340 a.a.H, contact with Stornkold in the Unterknieva system will mean the Stornkold-Nortenz War.

As by the 3340 after four years still there wasn't any contact with Aiers, and due the complains of the crews upon the admirals that commanded the fleet, a military junta proclaimed a new government and the creation official of Nortenz. After 2 years, at the 3342, due pressure of civilians, was formed a civilian government, being elected a parlament and choosen an emperor -Thomman I-, becoming Nortenz a Constitutional Monarchy.

Fighting three paralel wars weakened Nortenz, reason why at the 3349 was signed a treaty with the RFB to delimitate areas of influence and exploration in the Nebula of Ots: with one front less to fight on, they concentrated the next years their efforts against the Auswelt.ICR Ruhenians, attacking their capitol at Dunkhelm and Zindrak star system.

Only at the 3354 a.a.H, the Nutks of Nortenz contacted the Nutks of Ots -the Nutk Confederation, from the Northern Alliance 7th Fleet- There is a first attempt of creating a joint Nutk state at the following year, but disagreement between the Nutks -and the treaty with the RFB- avoided it to concreting.

Nortenz keeped then friendly relations with the Nutk Confederation and later the Nutk Union, but didn't took a part in the Nutk civil wars, as once more time there where conflict between Nortenz and the RFB. This will mean once more time Nortenz had to continue fighting wars with the RFB, Stornkold and the Auswelt.ICR.

While they where able to keep at bay the Auswelt.ICR and Stornkold bases where too distant, they had in general adverse luck against the RFB in these minor clashes: But their armies and fleets weakened, when at the 3394 a.a.H the RFB escalated the war with a major offensive against Nortenz, the armies and fleets of Nortenz where defeated one after other:

Because of this, Nortenz seeked alliance with other Nutk states -the EAN under the King of the Nutks Ademic Utan-, marrying Ademic Utan with Marie Christine, heir princess of Nortenz, sealing the Nortenz-EAN alliance. After 2 years of joint efforts, finally Nortenz was able to reject the RFB to pre-war borders with the RFB at the 3397 a.a.H.

This will join the destinies of Nortenz with the EAN, and after the emperor Thomman II died, Marie Christine became the Queen of Nortenz at the 3399: but soon her husband, the King of Nutks ensured to shift the Constitutional Monarchy and Parlament into an absolute Monarchy where he ruled the destiny of the nation in the name of her wife.

Because of them originating in a different space fleet than the other Nutk nations of Ots, they had several different cultural differences.

Nortenz have a population of near inhabitants, and extends over 360 planets. However, of these 360 planets, 254 are unpopulated and have no presence of Nortenz authorities, being only a claim according to other nation, being inhabited 105 planets by Nortenz. Of these 105 planets, 5 are Capital world (with a population over inhabitants), 10 main worlds (population between 100.000.001 to, 73 Colony worlds (population between 100.001 to 100.000.000) and 18 colonies (worlds with
permanent population under 100.000 inhabitants).

Having a population around 46.000 million people, Nortenz is the third largest human nation on population size, and the largest in number of planets: however many of their colony worlds are scarcely populated -in the lower half-, needing the metropolitan and core worlds for defense and manufactured products, representing quite a defensive challenge as was seen in the RFB-Nortenz War and the Nebulosa of Ots War.

The Capital World of Nortenz is the world of Saya-Taya ( inhabitants, between the Aiers-type planet, the settled moons and space colonies), being the Imperial City the capitol.

Nutk ConfederationEdit

The original States of the Nutk Confederation where Nutkia, Kalingia, Sayan, Kuatilia and Taya. Briefly Spotzen will be part of it, and later will join as member states Neurorn, Greenplains, Kuekker and Folsbury. After the Second war of secession, Kalingia, Kuekker and Folsbury will abandone the Confederation.

The Origin of the Nutk Confederation -and as well, of Kalingia, Wolfsbury, Utan and part of the Nutk Union- is on the Northern Alliance 7th Space Fleet, Fleet that was send some months later than the 1st Fleet as well to explore and colonize worlds, but in the core of the Nebula of Ots. This fleet was on the 3rd year of their task, when at the year 3336 a.a.H, when contact was lost with the Cradleworld Aiers. The 7th Fleet tried to contact again Aiers, sending some ships, but who become irremediably lost. The whole fleet was preparing to go home, to learn for sure what happened, when they where contacted by remnants of the Northern Alliance 3rd Space Fleet, who told them as well their fruitless efforts, but as well the seemingly destruction of Aiers. As the 7th Fleet had an Arc Proyect, they where ordered to go to an assigned point of reunion, where they expected other survivors to find their way, while a new world was colonized.

Because of these delays -and the lack of a near Data Zone- the 7th Fleet arrived only at the year 3340 a.a.H to the Ots Star System, settling down in an Aiers-type planet, the planet Ots (or Ots VIII, the 7th Planet of the star system).

After 3 difficult years, will be founded the Nutk Confederation at the 3343 a.a.H: but as they weren't the only settlers of the new "homeworld", there will be soon war against the Nodorian, Spotzen and Alianza settlements in the Confederation-Triple Alliance War (3345). As the situation in Ots began to settle, the Nutks will be among the first to began to settle in other of the worlds of the Star system. There will be more wars, as the Confederation-Empire War (3351) and the Greenplains War (3355) and the Confederation-Spotzen War (3356).

When Otskold secessionated from the Empire of Stornkold, many territories -with Nutk and Münzen mayoritary population- joined the Nutk Confederation the 3357: these provinces will later organize themselves in the Nutk Union (3358), forming a federative state: the Federation was however resisted by several of the Confederate states, who prefeered their freedom rather than union, beginning therefore tensions:

tensions that will increase due the centralism of the Nutk Union, and how at the 3362, despise the prohibition of the Federal Government, several confederate states, rather than joining in the creation of a federal government raised their statal militias as armies independent from the Federative rule.

The 3363, as tensions increased, Spotzen joined the Nutk Union -according to the federation supporters, only to incordiate and worse the tensions between the supporters of the federation and the Confederation-. When in the 3363, during the Kuatilia War the Norodor Empire attacked Kuatilia, member state of the Union, but the federal army was unnable to face the imperials, but instead the statal militias defeated the invaders, several states of the Nutk Confederation protested that the Federal Government was unnable to provide security to their own citizens, and abandoned the Federation.

This will lead to the Nutkian Secession Civil War (3363-3366): As a result of it, Spotzen will abandone the Nutk Confederation, but instead of being unified the Nutk nations under the Nutk Union, there was made an alliance between the Nutk Confederation and the Nutk Union in the United Nutk States (EUN), where each of the 2 members acted internally as independent countries, but had a common international stance.

However, this solution didn't lasted and at the 3369 began once more time, as protest of the centralism of the EUN yhr Second Nutkian Secession Civil War (3369-3373): The war will end at with the independence  of Kalingia, Kuekker and other former confederate states.

The situation will remain tense between the Kalingia, the Nutk Confederation and the Nutk Union until the 3385: That year was elected president of the Nutk Union Thomas Utan, a Nutk traditionalistof the Utan clan: he realized a self-Coup'd Etat, while as well the Utan Clan seized power in the Nutk Confederation and Kalingia:

Under the rule of the Utan, will be created the Autocratic Nutk State, the EAN, an absolute, totalitarian monarchy and government as Thomas Utan crowned himself King of the Nutks, violently repressing political disidents.

Within the EAN, the Nutk Confederation will continue to be a recognizable state.

The Confederation wasn't a colonial power, and while it had 2.812.500.000 inhabitants, of them where in the planets Ots (Ots VII) and the rest in a single planet, Neurorn, which is as well a member-state of the Confederation.

Nutk UnionEdit

The Nutk Union was formed at the 3357 a.a.H from several territories of the former province of Otskold of the Empire of Stornkold. When the Otskold Münzen secessionated from Stornkold to proclaim independence of their own state, in many regions where there where an important Nutk minority, they received weapons from the Nutk Confederation and seized power from the newly formed Otskold government, proclaiming that instead they where joining the Nutk Confederation.

As the Nutk Confederation was conformed in several states, at first each state of the confederation wanted to incorporate these territories into their own, but the Otskoldian Nutks instead formed their own state within the Confederation, which they called the Nutk Union, froming a federal government.

With more population and industrial might, the Nutk Union pressed the other states of the Nutk Confederation to adopt a federative system of government, which will lead to the two Nutkian Secession Wars.

After it, and before becoming part of the EAN after the self-coup d'etat of Thomas Utan, the Nutk Union leaded a colonial expansion.

The population of the Nutk Union was of 12.656.250.000 inhabitants: almost of them, only in the planet Ots and the other about four billions and half in the colonies:

The Nutk Union have 47 planets, but 13 of them are inhabited. Of the 34 inhabited planets, 1 is a Capital world (with a population over inhabitants: Ots VIII, with near inhabitants), 7 main worlds (population between 100.000.001 to, 5 Colony worlds (population between 100.001 to 100.000.000) and 21 colonies (worlds with permanent population under 100.000 inhabitants).


Kalingia was once the second older state of the Nutk Confederation, and the stronger of it. However, as they where very proud of their independence this made them clash with the other states, as they followed first their interests and then the ones of the colonization -as for example how the worlds they colonized, they did so only in their name, rather than making them join the Confederation as member states or territories.

They will be some of the main defenders of the Confederate Nutk ideal in front of the Nutk Union, and the ones who where mostly behind the first and second Sucession War.

After it, they will leave as well the Confederation, to follow their own goals.

They where Nutk traditionalists, and they corporative parlament was ruled by representants of clans -as the Utan Clan-, social movements, industries, the army and other corporative movements.

Kalingia had a population of inhabitants, having their capitol on the world of Aiers -where about 400.000.000 Kalingian lives-, 3 main worlds (population between 100.000.001 to and 1 Colony world (population between 100.001 to 100.000.000)


Kasmian was a Nutk state that became independent from the Norodor Empire during the Northern Ots War (3369-3371), thanks to the covert support of the Nutk Union population.

They aren't actually a member state of the EAN, but "observers" of the pact since the 3395 a.a.H, as they only recognice as a figurehead the King of the Nutks, beign in a practical way independent.

Kasmian population is from 900.000.000 inhabiants, between the one in planet Ots -in Kasmia- and the planet Great Kasmia.


Folsbury was a minor member state of the EAN, joining along with Kasmian at the 3395 a.a.H.

They have a population of near 500.000.000 inhabitants, between the population of Ots and in their single colony, planet Neue Terra (117.5) in the Anuchian Star System.


Utan is really the Clan Utan, and their territories aren't only controlled by their clan, but are known as The Clans: ancient Nutk Families of traditionalists, who wanted to go back to true Nutkian traditions -such as the traditional Nutk tradition of the pre-cataclysm times: worshipping demons-.

The Clans rule over the world of Utanador (117.4) on the Anuchian star system, having 312.500.000 inhabitants. While in the speech they are Biological Human supremasists and are proud of the roots of their clans and families back to the Fantasy Age and the times of the Dark Legion, they had as well bosted the numbers of their clan warriors in millions thanks to clonation: However artificial humans are seen as "secondary members" of the clans, and once was reached what the Clans considered a minimum amount of population needed for their policies, they had stopped clonning -but is supossed, in case their political goals expand or their suffer catastrophic losses, they will clone again-.

The Clans are the real rulers of the EAN, as the King of the Nutks -Thomas Utan first, and then, Ademic Utan- are of the Utan clan, and the clan warriors often served as represive forces to keep in line the dissidence among the other member states of the EAN.

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