The United Nutk States (EUN) was a shortlived human nation that existed in the Nebulosa of Ots between the 3366 to the 3385 a.a.H, when it was dissolved, becoming part of the EAN.

It originated from the peace treaties between the Nutk Union and the Nutk Confederation after the First Nutkian Secession War: however, peace was weak and due due malcontent of the progresively centralist policies of the EUN, will begin the Second Nutkian Secession War, that would last from 3369 to the 3373 a.a.H, with the independence of Kalingia, Kuekker and other former confederate states.

During the decade of the 3380s the EAN will expand into space, while in internal policies, Thomas Utan of the Utan Clan was elected president of the EAN at the 3382 a.a.H, while the Utan Clan continued to rise in power in other Nutk States.

By the 3385 a.a.H, Thomas Utan, president of the EUN realized a self-Coup'd Etat, while the Utan Clan seized as well the power in the Nutk Confederation and Kalingia: The Utan-controlled Nutk states create the EAN, the Autocratic Nutk State, violently reprising disidents.

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