Bronze Age Hake and High elf warriors.

The Elf Wars was a series of wars between the Hake and High elves fought in Ushaenor.

Hake elves began Aiers civilization of the building of municipalities, creation of the earliest known writing system and founded the magical arts, and would develop some of the greatest spells. But they would fight to keep the High elves primitive and divided, and distrust would eventually embroil the two elf races in long running and epic wars over possession of Ushaenor.

The Hake Empire would have some early, aggressive successes, but would eventually exhaust themselves, and spend a long time on the defensive and steadily losing north Ushaenor. The High elves would have embarked on a long term colonization program, and would found many colonies in Aels, Zarhuy and Hieyoks. These colonies would guarantee the High elves would achieve dominance.

Beginnings of the Conflicts[edit | edit source]

When the Hake Empire was in the process of forming, north eastern Ushaenor wild lands would be settled the light skinned, Rossnes Light Elfs. These elves, once settled, became vassals of the much more numerous and more highly advanced, blue colored Hakes, who would use these large but barbaric elves as mercenaries in wars between Hake states before the Hake empire finally unified. Because of their very tall height relative to the shorter and smaller Hakes, these Rossnes elves were referred to as "High elves" by the Hakes. This may have been actually a somewhat pejorative description, and one that the Rossnes tribes would eventually whole heartedly embrace. Even the term "Light Elfs" might have originated at this time as another point of difference between the Rossnes elves and blue skinned Hakes.

But over many centuries, the High elves grew more advanced in technology and the magic arts. They would grow more numerous as well, and became increasingly self reliant and competitive with the economies of their Hake overlords.

Start of the Wars[edit | edit source]

Faced with the demographic and economic expansion of their high elven vassals, the Hake, seeing their golden age of hegemony endangered by the high elven expansion, they sought to make them unstable and divided, throwing them into petty wars against each other while heavily taxing them, but eventually confrontation became inevitable, and around the year 1.000 b.a.H began the Elf Wars. While initially successful, the imperial legions will be defeated in northern Ushaenor by the newly founded High Elven Empire of Whide Axis, and by the 850 b.a.H the tides of war had changed.

Apocalyptic Warfare[edit | edit source]

The tides of the wars would actually change many times, as victories and defeats would mean borders would change again and again. Even so, the Hakes would be pushed ever further back. The Empire of Whide Axis would prove more resilient and would even launch an age of exploration while the Elf Wars were ongoing. Colonies on the shores of other continents would eventually ensure that the High elves would be victorious over their Hake foes.

The core regions of the Hake Empire would fall, and much of their more powerful states, beginning the last phase of the Hake Empire, the diminished Asbari Empire, which tried to hold the southern provinces against the advancing High Elves, will finally fall at the 228 b.a.H, after the battle of Dreädleg, in which the Empress Shu-Sharri was killed without heirs, and while there was already a political crisis between the asbari and the hake refugees of high elven conquered territories, no continuation to the Asbari Hake Empire was found.

The free Hakes would be left with only a land of mountains and defensive redoubts in a complete reversal of positions as the High elves would occupy most of the rest of the continent. The entire Hake population, either free or under High elf rule was only an estimated quarter of the original population at the start of the wars.

A Reprieve and Recovery for the Hakes[edit | edit source]

After the fall of the Asbari Empire, the Hake people of southern Ushaenor eventually coalesced into two major Hake nations: Slägol and Ärkan, who will seize centuries later the opportunity during the Age of Invasions of the weakened High Elven state to reconquer and refound Asbaran, Alesdale and Däl-Häron. After this, the Hake nations would continue to occupy its southwestern corner of Ushaenor, contained by the High Elf Empire of Whide Axis with little change for centuries.

Later Era of Conflict[edit | edit source]

After centuries of the status quo, in the 25th Century a.a.H., the Hakes created a new colony in Aels known as Zaghäl, at the behest of the Demonic Dark Legion during the Second War of the Power.

At that point, any attempt at continuing the 'elf wars' would be as part of the Dark Legion.

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