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Elina Ulfjaeger, the Red Shadow. A hunter opposed to Werewolfs during the Kanovhook wars

For the mythological figure, see The Girl with the Red Riding Hood

Elina Ulfjaeger (Erenian 1840(?) - ?) was a Grey elf huntress who was famous (or infamous) for being a skilled, but at times cruel, Werewolf-hunter. Her skills as a werewolf huntress and her habits to wear a cape stained red with the blood of her victims earned her the Elven nickname The Girl with the Red Riding Hood, while werewolves referred to her as The Red Shadow.


Little is known about when or where Elina Ulfjaeger was exactly born, but it is generally assumed that she was born in the latter years of the Kanovhook wars. Most historians place her birth in the 1840s. While equally little is known about her youth and early years, most oral stories have Elina becoming a werewolf huntress at a very early age, after witnessing the death of her own grandmother at the hands of a werewolf, and having a very narrow escape herself. While no reliable sources exist, most of the stories surrounding Elina claim the girl had already killed twenty Werewolves by the age of twenty.

It is said that Elina was mentally scarred by her experiences, and that she tried to get some kind of satisfaction out of avenging her grandmother, but that every kill left her unsatisfied to such a degree, that she no longer limited herself to just killing the creatures - she tried to please herself by torturing them in all kinds of brutal ways. But it never was enough, so much so that her obsession with revenge eventually claimed her mind.

Sometimes she would meticulously plan a single kill, spending considerable tracking and stalking her prey, and after capturing she would try to torture them in ever more inventive ways that allowed her to stretch her cruel games over a span of hours or even days. Some sources claim that she would drink her victims' blood or even bathe in it, other sources even dare claim she would eat raw Werewolf meat - but it is unsure how much of this is accurate, and how much is the result of dozens of storytellers trying to outdo one another in scaring children witless.

What is sure, however, is that at one point in her life, Elina encountered a male werewolf hunter named Eschor who, while being at least as "productive" as Elina, was not as obsessed as her, and who recognised her as suffering from a severe trauma. It is said that he managed to rescue her from her own obsession, turning her from a blood-crazed monster back into a more normal huntress, by showing her that life was more than trying to take revenge for something that had happened in the past.

Eventually, Elina retired as a huntress, but this was only after she had formed a hunting team with the Elf that would become her husband. During the years that they hunted together, he would become a specialist in the "long kill", ambushing Weres and killing them with the bow and arrow, while she was an expert in the "short kill", hand-to-hand combat with sword and dagger. During these later years of her career, she never displayed the particular cruelty or maniacal obsession of before (having found happiness elsewhere), but she was still feared in equal measures by the Werewolves who hadn't forgotten her reign of terror among their tribes.

Elina and her husband Eschor would be the last Werewolf hunters in their bloodline, with their children instead settling in the cities. However, their skills were passed on, with their oldest son becoming an active Rossnes soldier who ended up dying on the battlefield; their second eldest becoming a Rossnes scout, using his father's techniques of concealment; their youngest son becoming a military instructor after a battlefield injury which left him unfit for active duty; and their only daughter becoming an archery instructor and champion in many inter-tribal tournaments.


According to conflicting stories from Werewolf sources, the Werewolf huntress known as the Red Shadow did not retire, but instead was killed in a hand-to-hand combat with the werewolf harasser Cyrti Burnt Paws. As a result, Cyrti was known as the Slayer of the Red Shadow.


Elina Ulfjaeger is a character by Kanyiko.

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