The Kingdom of Ester Gate, as well Ëssther or Easter Gate was a Human Petty Kingdom of the Polforian states of the Outregam. Founded by prince Jeanauvel, younger brother of the Hunclech king and several Hunclech nobles who crossed the Pass of Oster Gate into Polforia, having been tasked to secure the eastern slopes of the pass, to protect Huncle from future invasions from Polforia.

History Edit

After their initial success against the orcish tribes of the mountains, having secured several forts, bulwarks and castles of the old Olga's Wall of the Demons, prince Jeanauvel proclaimed the creation of the kingdom of the Ester Gate:

While originally meant to be a vassal of Huncle, soon there was infighting and dissention amongst the ambitious nobles, while there were protests from the local church for some of the practices of the conquerors, who had taken as concubines demonic mistresses.

After the death in suspicious circumstances of the king Jeanauvel in an Orgy, there will be a succession crisis as the legitimate heir of the king was still an infant -and the older, illegitimate sons had demonic blood from the succubus concubine of the king, the concubine that they had christened as Bells.-

While Bells the concubine tried to become herself a queen and crown her son as the new king of Ester, they fought the loyalists to the legitimate heir: however in the end, it will be a duke who will seize the power for himself, chosen from amongst the higher nobles:

King Damian I of Ester Gate's first act was to send the queen and the legitimate heir of Jeanauvel back to their uncle, the King of Huncle: however he arranged during their journey across the Dargoina Mountains an orc ambush, and killed the queen and son of Jeanauvel in a ravine, along with all their escort.

As the Hunclech king only protested, but he didn't seem to be decided to send an army -worried by his troubles with Sargos-, Damian claimed the independence of Ester Gate, bedding Bells, the succubus concubine of Jeanauvel and taking as heir to his throne the half-demon son of Jeaunavel -that tragically drowned in his bathtub that same night.

The scandalous doings already known under Jeaunavel will become unheard of excesses during the rule of Damian I and his court: scandalized, the people said he had been possessed by the succubus and the bishop of Ester Gate will say he was bewitched and excommunicated the king:

in return, King Damian raided the cathedral only to find the bishop in his bed with two young incubuses: Damian killed the bishop and ruled as a tyrant.

As the orcish tribes organized again in the mountains, the abandoned realm will begin a series of blood-crazed campaigns against the orcs: as unsatisfied seemed to be Damian of his excesses and scandals, he seemed unsatisfied with all the spilled blood.

When arrived a mission from the Archbishop of Karentia to replace the killed bishop and obtain the repentance of Damian:

Damian I asked for forgiveness and humiliated himself, appearing as a poor pilgrim in front of the newly appointed bishop and kneeling before him: after giving a dragon's treasure hoard to the church and expelling from his side the succubus Bells -locking her in a monastery- and marrying a noblewoman of Roccasone, his sins were pardoned and his soul was saved.

The Fall of Ester Gate Edit

Seemingly, the kingdom had been purged from evil and saved from damnation: the Karentian mission left the kingdom and peace was apparent: but as the young queen of Ester Gate died from childbirth complications -along with the unborn heir of Damian-, the King in his sorrow began to drink again, and in drunken rage he razed the monastery and broke free the succubus Bells: in the desecrated monastery, between the bodies of the nuns, he asked her to be his queen.

Shocked, the small kingdom will be thrown into civil war, while the orcs descended from the mountains to the madness that had become the capital:

sieged from outside and fighting inside, Damian fortified himself on the cathedral: as the orcs stormed into it, they found a scene of carnage and the beheaded body of Damian I at the feet of the succubus.

It was the year 2281 a.a.H.

Conspiracy, Orcs and The Demonic Brotherhood of Tempo-Katzoone Edit

Attacked by a conspiracy of the still secret Brotherhood of Tempo-Katzooine, using as proxy the peoples of the mountains.

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