Fairy trickster by shabazik-d5x9xu6

A Pygmy elf of the Purple Fields, in Central Aels

F A I R Y Fata elvii

Race: Pygmy Elf

Class: Fairy

Species: Fairy

Other names: Pygmy Elf, elf, Hada, ancestors, forefathers, faery, faerie, Pixie, fay, fae; nymphs; euphemistically wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk, etc.

Allegiance: Unaligned

Fairy DescriptionEdit

A Fairy in Aiers has different meanings, as the mythological creatures (often winged) the elves look so often around, trying to discover, to cover as well the artificial creations they did after how they imagined these creatures, in their frustration of not being capable of finding the creatures of their tales.

As well, the fairy is how the "pygmy elves" are called. A race closely related to Elfkind, they are not actually 'true' members of Elfkind, but they are close cousins.

The "Fairy" doesn't have a denomination to themselves, and if they learn to speak other languages (rather infrequently) they refer as themselves as "we-people" as in "we the people".

Imma goblin now waka waka by shabazik-d6bod38

"I'm a goblin!" Fairies are little changed descendants of the creature that spawned both elves and goblins

They are shorter than dwarves (estimate: 85 - 95 cm tall), have proportionately huge, pointed ears, proportionately large eyes, and are about the size of small Green Goblins with small, pointed teeth, (goblins are their other cousins along with elves). They come in all the ranges of colors of the elves (green, pink, purple, blue, white, black) and of goblins (red, brown, yellow, orange), they have some of the stronger means of natural manipulations of magic.

Because of this, elven investigators often theorize about the possibility of the "fairy" to be the ancestors of modern elves.

Fairy HistoryEdit

The "Fairy" seems to have extended in prehistory across much of Aels and into parts of Hieyoks, but in later historic ages, they lived mostly in central Aels and the great forests of Aels, as Nubla and Bierteno.

They lived in familiar groups, and often wandered alone, they hid from the view of strangers normally, but occasionally liked to appear in front of them, attracted by shiny things, music or food.

They visited in such occasions people of all races (elves, goblins, humans, dwarves, orcs, kanov, etc), ignoring any danger. The visited people, surprised, often left the small pygmy elves to roam free, playing and touching, curiously, everything, in a peaceful contact (but sometimes a bit bothering, due to their tendency to pick and take things). For the ones who tried to do them harm, often they were surprised how difficult to catch a fairy can become.

Despite of that, sighting them was extremely infrequent, and they only had regular contacts with the green Leaf elves -the dryads- (Mourlicoun) who had a very similar lifestyle.

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