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The southern part of Kazrrad, the Farian Duergar live mostly underground like most dwarfs, with their settlements sometimes on the surface. The Farian Duergar are positioned to exchange goods between continents

Faria was a name given to the country inhabited by the Farian Dwarves, or Duergar. It was never a single political entity, but a collection of mines, fortresses, cities and Settlements of the Farians in parts of northern Zarhuy and mostly under it, in the Underworld of Kazrrad.

Often the Farian make alliances and agreements, to defend their commercial interests, and as such, they later joined the Dwarven Confederation of Zarhuy.


The Farian Duergar are a diverse lot, living in many different communities with differences between each other, sharing their ethnicity and general role as traders and middlemen that fit four different categories:

Deep DuergarEdit

The deepest of the Farian Duergar live in Kazrrad beneath the Sea of Caritz. They often live as 'fisher-dwarves' alongside 'sunless seas' of lakes of salt water beneath the sea, or miners of deposits of salt.


Other Farian Duergar living beneath the sea, serve as traders and middlemen who carry subterranean caravans between the continents of Aels and Zarhuy from beneath the Sea and Straits of Caritz and the grim island of Demonatch. Or else, they serve as re-suppliers or toll stations of the few access tunnels and caverns that lead between the continents by trail or barge across 'Sunless Seas'.


Other Farian Duergar live and operate most like those of other Dwarfs, beneath the surface of the land, in this case, Zarhuy, as miners of various minerals such as iron and coal. or crafts-dwarfs of items.

Surface DwellersEdit

These are the Farian DUergar that get the most attention for being the most unusual according to stereotyped dwarf behavior, and for being the most visible. These are the Farian dwarfs that trade the most goods between the diverse peoples of the surface. Those peoples either bring goods to the surface settlements of the Farian Duergar, or else, the Farian Duergar transport those goods themselves from the underworld of Kazrrad, or from trading routes on the surface in great caravans.

This is aided by the scarcity of caverns between Aels and Zarhuy, and also by the Vanilion Road that traverses the length of the continent of Zarhuy and roughly straddles the division of mountains and plains. Many surface settlements of the Farian Duergar have a relationship with the Vanilion Road, or subsidiary trading routes connecting onto it, leading to the hills or the arid plains.



Like many dwarves, the Farian dwarves very often live underground. Most towns and settlements being found beneath the surface of the north of the continent of Zarhuy, or beneath the Sea of Caritz.


However, unlike many dwarves, Farian dwarves are also highly noted for living on the surface in towns and small cities located either near the north shores of Zarhuy, or in the northern mountains and foothills of the continent. 'Faria' being a somewhat scattered conglomeration of an ethnic Duergar group, rather than some united and singular homeland.


One of the principal communities of Farian Dwarves was the city of Hâllback, from which a great deal of trade from the underworld of Kazrrad, and from land and sea intersected and between many groups of peoples, traded hands in great bazaars. Hâllback is blessed for its location and is the largest and most important communities of these Duergar, but should not be seen as the Capital or the only such city.

Hâllback is noted for being the primary source of the Farian Dwarves (Duergar), seen in Aiers stories, and its traders coloring the perceptions of the entire race in a somewhat inappropriate way. It is the home of Roothar the Slaver, and the Wrall and Son Stone Trade Company.

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