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Farian Light Infantrydwarf

Farian Duergar are the Dwarfs that most exemplify the idea of the 'mercantile dwarfs' in that they make and sell products on an intracontinental way in the continent of Zarhuy, and on an intercontinental way from traders from the subterranean world of Kazrrad and the continents of Aels and Hieyoks. Generally, though, they act as middlemen in buying and selling on an intercontinental basis through third party shipping. This gives them a bad reputation to the generally more reclusive dwarven nations; and also paints Duergar groups in general poorly as the Farian Duergar are the most commonly seen by the nature of their positioning as merchants.



The Farian Duergar or Dwarf are the smallest of the Duergar, smaller than most dwarves, but are larger than the smallest dwarven race, the Gmonian Dwarfs.

The Farian Duergars stand an estimated average of 100-110cm in height. Interestingly, there does not seem to be any significant difference in height between the genders?

They tend towards darker or tanned skin, and black or various shades of brown hair.


The Farian Duergars are originally are from Northern Zarhuy, but live under the sea of Caritz, in Kazrrad, their range extended between the Nortunk Dwarfs to Kaiehm Duergar. Their holdings in Kazrrad and on the surface of north Zarhuy near the shores of the Caritz Sea, and in close proximity to the ancient Vanilion Road, make them superbly well situated for the exchange of goods between peoples.



They are traders, and despite that they never had a real powerful state but small mines and kingdoms, they became important traders and middlemen, fundamental pieces of the trade between Aels-Zarhuy-Farsia, both in Kazrrad, or with caravans. They also act as manufacturers of goods for sale which they aggressively market to the various foreign tradesfolk who appear in their bazaars.


Due to their more "international" ways, they adopt and abandon several fashions of other dwarves or non-dwarvish races.


Unlike most dwarves, and most duergar, who 'sit on' resources or strategic places for trade, Farian duergar are much more willing to go to meet peoples where they live than the other way around. They do indeed trade as middlemen in north Zarhuy in trade from ships or Kazrrad, but they also send their own caravans through Kazrrad between the continents, and have been known to traverse the length of the southern Zarhuy continent.

Slave TradingEdit

The duergar, especially exemplified by the Farian duergar, are disliked by other dwarven nations for taking on un-dwarflike ways and long distance trading, particularly as their trade relies heavily on slaving.

  • There is a saying, that "the first thing a Farian dwarf will do to become a caravaner, is to sell his own mother".

Even if other dwarves bought the slaves traded by the Farian, that didn't make the other dwarves appreciate more the slavers.

Low Use of SlavesEdit

It is worth noting that the Farian Duergar might be major slavers, but they themselves do not use a large slave workforce. They do not trust slaves in their communities in large numbers, and most everyday work or crafts are done by themselves.

Their business with slaves is mostly about selling them. Their use of slaves as a workforce is mostly related to their caravans as porters.


Farian caravans can be quite large, sometimes numbering hundreds of individuals, with the capabilities and specialists seen in a small town. They use huge quadruped dragonids (dinosaur-like reptiles) to haul enormous loads, the dragonids being better able to endure the passage across the deserts and scrubland of much of the interior of Zarhuy.

Additional NotesEdit

  • The antipathy of other nations of dwarves might say more about them than the Farian Duergar. While a major slaver culture, that might be more of an excuse. The majority of the criticism from other dwarves stem from the non-isolationism of the Farian Duergar people. Probably also from the salesmanship of these dwarves going beyond what other dwarves would find seemly?

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