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The Dragon Known as 'Father Dragon', and His Wild elf Slave Nariza

Father Dragon (Antor? ca 2350 - ? a.a.H.)

Father Dragon was a dragon that was known to have lived in south-central, Zarhuy during the 24th and 25th centuries a.a.H. He was noted for occasionally dealing with humanoid races in matters of business or intimidation. He is known at this time in connection to an elf slave known as Nariza.


  • Deals with Humanoids
  • Deliberately Intimidates
  • Amnesia
  • Calculating
  • Can be Cruel
  • Has a phobia to flying
  • Impatient, quick temper
  • A Dangerous Dragon
  • Has Wings that Allow Flight
  • Former ensorcelled slave of a wizard
  • Black, with Orange Stripes


Father Dragon is described as a "corrupted" dragon. This would seem to be the effects of the spell that enslaved him still influencing his behavior, as well as having his conscious mind essentially shut off for decades. Even his 'dragonet' memories having become very hazy.

This, and having his mind return to him after a fall, might be at the core of his fear of flying? His sense of violation and frustrations contributing to his quick temper.


Very little is known of this Dragon. He is known to be a relatively young dragon and is believed to have been hatched in the middle of the 24th Century a.a.H.

Slave of a WizardEdit

Some decades in the past, when the future 'Father Dragon' was very young, he was captured by a 'dragon hunter' from some unknown location and delivered to a wizard. This dragon was 'corrupted' by a spell cast by what is believed to be a Sand elf wizard from the Bareds region of the continent of Zarhuy, northwest of the Plains of Antor. The dragon lost all personality and reason, and became a monster under the control of the wizard for some decades. The spell was broken by another wizard, whether this was in the course of a battle between wizards is unknown.

The dragon 'came to' after waking up in Antor following a painful crash from the sky with no clear memory of what happened for any of his life before awakening. The dragon being freed from magical enslavement is what led to his falling from the sky, but the dragon is nervous about flying, and does so only in anger or as a last resort.


He first appears in story after the Wild elf village of Al'Jathis was destroyed in 2398 a.a.H. by an inter-village band of Antorian Orcs, with the south-central clan of Brukkuthuz at the core of this horde. Elven survivors were divided up and taken to various parts of Antor and the young elf girl Nariza was taken to northern Antor and was eventually bought by this dragon.

The dragon was just recently reawakened to his consciousness and free will and was angry and hungry. It is unknown if the dragon had yet set himself up as a master of the region. The dragon 'bought' some elven slaves, although it is not known what he bought them with, but it is known that the 'purchase' was probably more like theft. Still, some negotiations went on with the dragon with the slavers.

In the end, two adult wild elf slaves and Nariza were purchased, and unfortunately the adults were eaten by the dragon in front of the little elf girl Nariza. This included the elf woman who was taking care of Nariza as she had been separated from her mother earlier on. The dragon had intended to eat Nariza later, but decided that having a slave had its uses. He would keep her and would outfit her with bracers on her limbs to identify her as his slave.

With some hope and an emotional attempt to bond with the dragon, Nariza named him "Father Dragon". The dragon's true name is currently unknown.

Speculation: It would seem that perhaps the dragon wanted an elven aide as elves have a lifespan similar to a dragon's?

Speculation: It is possible that it amused the dragon to go by the name "Father Dragon" later on?

Frequently, Father Dragon would leave Nariza by herself as he left to go hunt or when he became moody--which was never a good sign. Nariza would sometimes beg not to be left behind for fear of being alone on the northern plains of Antor. She had become attached emotionally to the dragon.

Nariza Loses Her EarEdit

Father Dragon seems to have kept Nariza as some cross between a slave, aide and pet. While he commonly left her alone for some time, he would always come back to her. He was apparently kind enough to occasionally give her things and she came to believe he would always be relatively indulgent. But in the year 2410 a.a.H., he lost his temper in an episode with Nariza acting petulantly and so he bit off her left ear to punish her, threatening to kill her the next time she frustrated him so much.

Gnoll VillageEdit

In 2423 a.a.H. Nariza was found wandering the wilds alone by a Gnoll hunting party, and was taken to the Gnoll village of Woestijngras as a slave for the gnolls. She was there for about two weeks before Father Dragon came and retrieved her, threatened the village with destruction.

The village of Woestijngras is located at the northeast portion of Antor almost at the border of the neighboring East Bareds on the Zarhuy continent. It is to the southwest of the immense Kaiehm Mountain. This location knows sudden changes in the weather with extreme drought to heavy rainfall.


Buying clothes by shabazik-d4a0cwh

Father Dragon buying his slave fine clothes. A personal interest designed to demonstrate his regional presence and the importance of his slave and agent Nariza

Nonetheless, Father Dragon would continue to deal with humanoids, sometimes buying things for Nariza. In one episode, Nariza would attempt to buy dresses at an outdoor trading market from the clothier Roothar. Roothar would be rude to her and send her away, as Wild elfs were often seen as nothing more than poor raiders or thieves, and rarely as purchasers of fine wares.

Father Dragon was not pleased upon hearing of this encounter, and went with Nariza to ensure that his slave got the dresses that she wanted. The dragon would buy dresses for Nariza from the clothier Roothar the Slaver, apparently using intimidation to negotiate the finer points of price, and to teach the conceited merchant a lesson. The experience frightened the normally unflappable Roothar quite a bit, who resolved never to travel to this region of central Zarhuy again.

Speculation: Father Dragon might have used the maimed Nariza as not only an aide, but an example, in his negotiations as a subtle threat?

Nariza's DaughterEdit

Nariza under a SpellEdit

An odd event occurred ca. 2441 a.a.H. in which Nariza was ensorcelled by an unknown party, and mated to an unknown male elf who was also known to be so enthralled. Father Dragon stumbled upon the scene and saw two nude elves and was enraged and attacked. Presumably the male elf was probably killed and eaten, but this is not confirmed. Nariza also was endangered, but Father Dragon sensed magic upon her which cooled his rage.

Speculation: Perhaps this strange event with the male elf was a return of the elf sorcerer who had enslaved Father Dragon earlier?

Nariza Gives Up her DaughterEdit

Nariza became pregnant from this encounter, and gave birth to a daughter in 2443 a.a.H. She raised her daughter, (name not currently known), for about ten years. Nariza realized that she could not entrust her daughter to the whims of her dragon master who had no affection for the child and just as soon wished that the child wasn't present. Given the dragon's hair trigger temper and often extreme reactions, Nariza took her child to the Gnoll village of Woestijngras that she had briefly been enslaved and left her child with the female leaders there ca. 2453 a.a.H.

The daughter is known to have grown up as an equal there in the village, and became a skilled and useful huntress and leader in the tribe.

Post CataclysmEdit

There is a story, "Finding the Legend", written that takes place considerably later than the main story of Father Dragon. 'Father Dragon' is living on an island on an unknown location, probably off of the continent of Zarhuy. The time is unknown, but implied to be many decades after the geological events of The Cataclysm.

In the story, Father Dragon is revealed as a dragon elder living amongst other dragons on some chain of islands not too far from the mainland. He encounters a young elf who claims to be the great, great, great, grandson of Nariza. This would suggest a date likely in the 29th Century.

Nariza is believed to be dead by this time.

Current StatusEdit

The last events currently known are of Nariza giving up her daughter to protect the girl from 'Father Dragon' as of ca. 2453 a.a.H., nothing else is known that extends beyond this point other than Father Dragon and Nariza continued together.

It is not known if Nariza ever returned to see her daughter.

In the later (29th Century?) "Finding the Legend" story, Father Dragon no longer lives separately from other dragons, and has become an island dweller. He has achieved the position of being an 'elder'. As he has clearly flown quite some distance out to sea to reach the island, and probably needs to fly over the ocean to hunt for food, he would seem to have overcome his phobia over flying by this time?


The characters of Father Dragon and Nariza and the gnoll village of Woestijngras are the creations of Damenster.

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