The Republic of Felcheland (Felcher: Felcher Republiken) was a short lived human nation in the modern period, located in the Stornkold Archipelago in northern Aels, that existed from the 3183 to the 3237, when was officially annexed by Anuchia.

Felcheland was volcanically and geologically active. Felcheland was warmed by the Unad Stream and has a temperate climate despite a high latitude just outside the Artic Circle.

Originally inhabited by Nutks and non-humans, the sueccian settlement of Felcheland began in 2957 a.a.H when Eric Vad Stornkold explored the Stornkold Archipielago, beginning the settlement at the 2958 a.a.H by the Sueccian Empire the following year, with the foundation of the city of Dlod. In the following centuries, Sueccian settled Stornkold, bringing with them Joorg serfs, Anickans and Hunclech. From 2958 to the 3179, the archipielago of Stornkold was ruled by the Sueccian Empire, until both Münzen and Felcheland achieved independence in 3183 a.a.H.

Felcheland relied largely on fishing and agriculture-

Felcheland culture was founded upon the nations Sueccian and Anickan heritage: However most of the inhavitants of the country where Nutks.

History Edit

The Stornkold Archipielago was a colony of the Sueccian Empire from it's foundation at the 2958 until theIndependence War of Stornkold, that lasted from 3179 to the 3183 a.a.H. Afterwards, Münzen and Felcheland will become independent nations, however their indendence will only be recogniced after the Münzen-Sueccian War of the 3211 a.a.H.

Felcheland was a backward and poor state in the far north, dedicated to agriculture and fishing, and was badly hit by the great economic crisis that hit Aiers in the 3220: due the economical crisis and social problems, in Felcheland, the Nutk majority, traditionally rural, owner of farms, grow in power in front of the traditional Felcher oligarchy of traders, which greatly suffered their basis of power with the economic crisis and the progressive Nutk autarchy, which gave the Nutk landlords and head of the clans an unseen power until then. The Nutks of Felcheland began to demand for more political power and representation in a Felcher dominated congress and government, which will finally produce the collapse of the government, that resigned.

Then was called a referendum, to form a new government -and, to the Nutks, to sign a new constitution-. In a very thight vote -full of irregularities-, was elected Mariado Felcher, representative of the traditional Felcher Oligarchy, with only 3 votes over Tomaticoa Anuch, representative of the Nutks of Felcheland. This votation brought the nation almost to the point of civil war, but was solved with a commitent of a dual presidency of Felcheland, with both Felcher and Anuch sharing the office. This was however, only a cosmetic solution.

With the discovery of Gold -and other ores- in Snobbord, the border between Münzen and Felcheland at the 3231, the situation changed and began a gold fever. The economic interest over Snobbord and the lack of precise boundaries between both states of Stornkold will lead to the Münzen-Felcheland War, that will result of the creation of Anuchia.

With the Felchelander government again in crisis, Tomaticoa Anuch used Anuchia as a leverage against the government of Mariado Felcher, and as the more intransigent positions gained forced, Felcheland will finally spiral down to a low scale civil war during the 3236 a.a.H, in which Anuchia was involved and invaded Felcheland, supported by the Nutk majority, toppling the government of Mariado Felcher, standing as the single president of Felcheland and Anuchia Tomaticoa Anuch: in the following year, the 3237 a.a.H, in a simulation of a referendum, Felcheland voted the annexion of Felcheland into the Federal Republic of Anuchia.

Demographics Edit

The original population of the Stornkold archipielago was of Nutk origin, with non-human minorities of Hieyoker peoples, as snow elves, Doroz, Ice elves, Hieyoksmainer orcs, dragons and Hieyoks Ice Giants -giants and dragons which will become extinct in Stornkold in the 2800's, hunted down by Nutk heroes, as told by Nutk sagas. Orcs will be pushed to the far north islands, and elves will come to live within Nutk communities-.

The Sueccian empire settlers where sueccians, anickans, Danaanlanders, Skagish, Cyrvians, Ruhenians, Hunclech, Yak Yak, trutsians and Joorgs, this later group, which arrived as serfs to the sueccians, will become the more numerous human ethnic group during colonial times.

After independence, with a mixed cultural heritage of the settlers, they will come to call themselves Felcher, named after Felcheland: Felch was an old Nutk word for Snow, and Felcheland, meant the Snowy Lands in old Nutk. However, the ethnic differences among the Felcher remained, and afterwards, the descendants of Joorg settlers often will consider themselves to be Münzen rather than Felcher.

While at it's foundation the Felcher -descendants of the inmigrants- had outnumbered the traditional Nutks inhabitants of Stornkold, during the independent existence of Felcheland the Nutk population will see a very quick population growth: by the annexion of Anuchia, the heterogeneous Felcher made about 38% of the Population, Nutks a 59% of the population -a significative proportion of Nutks had non-human ancestors, and some classified as non-humans for census, but primed self-identification. Foreigners was a 2% and non-humans that didn't identified themselves as nutks, a 1% of the population.

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