Felonia, officially the Republic of Felonia was a modern Aiers Zean country that existed from the 3208 to the 3228 a.a.H, when it was annexed by Chechoslovakia.

It had as neighbors Chechoslovakia to the North, Ozeancik to the east and Fernikleinen to the south.

History Edit

Ozeancik by the 3100 a.a.H, was a series of crown colonies of Joaquintopian Sargos, which was receiving extense Aelian migration, as they seeked the expansion of their Zean colony.

Most of the inmigrants where settled in an arid territory in the west of Ozeancik, where soon the inmigrants will outnumber settlers of other ethnic groups, existing as well a series of classhes between settlers and the colonial authorities.

As the situation deteriorated in the colony, the civil unrest will come to be a full out independence war, known as the Ozean War, that lasted from the 3206-3208 a.a.H, which result in the independence from the Joaquintopian Sargos of the Republic of Chechoslovakia and the Republic of Felonia.

Felonia will try to juggle between Chechoslovakia and Ozeancik to keep their independence, but with an increasing Chechoslovakia illegal inmigration, they will be annexed by Chechoslovakia at the 3228 a.a.H: the first act of imperial expansion of Chechoslovakia.

Afterwards, Felonia will only be a province of Chechoslovakia.

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