Felyndiira Olonrae (unknown date, Negeémiliel - 2123 a.a.H, V'Elddrins ) was a Negeémi drow, General of Negeémiliel, a politician of the Negeémi Populist Party, stateswoman and dictator of Negeémiliel in from the 2087 to the 2120 a.a.H.

She was part of a cadre of generals from of the Populist revolutionary government of Haelra Khalazza, who were scared of the revolutionary reforms the dictator was imposing, who made a bloodless coup d'etat, deposing Khalazza at the 2084.

After three years, from the decisions of the other generals and her own machinations, she became the new dictator of the city.


Early LifeEdit

Officer of KhalazzaEdit

Felyndiira Olonrae was an Acolyte of Negeé of a rather new family into citizenship, and as many of the supporters of Haelra Khalazza, she lacked a prestigious name, and mostly had her ambition. She rose to power as a general after taking part and supporting the coup of 2072 of Haelra Khalazza, being one of her closer advisors, in charge of the persecution of political enemies.

During the dictatorship of Khalazza, she will create her own personal force that served as a secret police of Khalazza, making a fortune from the possessions of many of the political enemies of the regime she imprisoned for Khalazza.

Coup d'Etat of the 2084Edit

However, the revolutionary reforms and the unrest that had been caused began to worry many of the own followers of Khalazza, so they began a conspiracy against the dictator. Olonrae, chief of the security forces and the repressive organization of the regime, and as well the spies and intelligence, used that structure to give a false sense of security to Khalazza, before she and other generals did a bloodless coup d'etat the 2084 a.a.H.

After that, it was made a council of the generals to rule the city, before a planned reinstatement of the High Council and Low Council and other Negeémi institutions, while they followed a more moderated program of reforms.

However, there will be power struggles within the military junta, and Khalazza, using her power and influences, will be able to be chosen as the director of the Junta.

Dictator of Negeémiliel, 2087-2120Edit

Once as dictator of Negeémiliel, the rule of Felyndiira Olonrae, while it began with promises of reconciliation of the convoluted city and normalization of the institutions, came to a crude dictatorship built only to keep her power, riches and influence, with a fierce persecution of political enemies, further alienating populists and senatorials, as the faction of the "Olonraes" lacked anymore any sort of political program. Olonrae will rule with the help of a plutocracy and her secret police.

Negeémiliel under her rule will fight a series of wars against other drow cities, to keep their hegemonic status.

However, with the instability and persecution of political enemies and wars against other drow states, one of the exiled political enemies, the former dictator Haelra Khalazza, with support from Erehel-Sinu will march against Negeémiliel, defeating the forces of Olonrae and overthrowing Felyndiira.

Exile and assassinationEdit

As her forces were defeated, Olonrae fled from the battlefield abandoning her armor and weapons to run to Negeémiliel, where she loaded much of her riches onto carts, to escape.

Then, began a peregrination for Olonrae in various southern drow city-states, always forced to move as Khalazza's diplomats convinced the local governments to expel her, or she will escape from the threat of assassins.

As Khalazza betrayed Erehel-Sinu, Olonrae went to this city hoping to gain their support to re-take Negeémiliel, but as Erehel-Sinu was defeated, she escaped again, to V'Elddrins.

There, she will be assassinated at the 2123 a.a.H, though it is unknown if it was either by the V'Elddrins government, trying to appease Khalazza, or by the agents of Khalazza herself.

Her body was quartered, and her head sent to Negeémiliel, where it was nailed to the door of the Temple of Doom


Much of the reign of Felyndiira Olonrae was remembered by her reign of terror and of the private interests of the rulers, who sacked the treasure of the state for their own benefits.

However as well, during her rule the influence of Negeémiliel will extend further, and while at the end of her rule Negeémiliel will suffer a defeat against the exiled supporters of Khalazza and Erehel-Sinu, they didn't suffer territorial losses.

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