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The Five Kingdoms of the Northwest at the time of the Sargonic Wars circa 2410 a.a.H.

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Heraldry Symbols of the Five Kingdoms and Associated States During and After the First War of the Power, Some Were in Effect Before the Five Warring Kingdoms period as Well

The Five Kingdoms of the Northwest were five kingdoms, along with associated territories and some petty kingdoms which arose in the Northwest of Aels by the 18th Century a.a.H. They had generally close relations and interactions culturally, but often warred against each other or were hotbeds of intrigue with nobles vying against each other or their king with encouragement of another of the kingdoms. They were noted for standing together against the Dark Legion of Demons during the Wars of the Power, albeit not very successfully on their own collective merits.

Also Known AsEdit

The kingdoms are well known, but are often referred to variously depending much on who is referring to them. They are also commonly referred to as:

  • The Five Kingdoms of the Weseuros
  • The Five Northwest Kingdoms
  • The Five Christian Kingdoms
  • The Five Human Kingdoms of the Northwest



Although founded by Weseuros speaking people, they were of diverse tribes, and as many centuries rolled by, their nations would evolve distinctly from each other even as they shared culture and technology.

The Five Nations Were:


They were founded by Weseuros Humans, and dominated by them culturally, but also included other humans, and some small numbers of Kanovs, Orcs, and larger numbers of Rossnes elves, mostly Grey elfs. Larger numbers of Kanovs, elves, and orcs were usually found in borderlands, the peripheries, or particularly in Elferies as in the case of the elves, who often received relatively preferential treatment relative to other non-human minorities such as Kanovs or Orcs.


The nations were bordered by water or mountains of various size. All had at least some connection to the ocean or the Osorio River for trading purposes. Generally, the lands were well watered and productive.

Sargos and Degoland would share the Osorio Valley, and would long become joint kingdoms with territories spilling out such as Erenian in the northwest Barlans. Huncle would be to the north of the Osorio Valley, La Cruz to the west of the Osorio Valley, and Tardos to the southwest of the Osorio Valley.

These territories were known to the high elves before human settlement as Aiea.


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