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Heraldry Symbols of the Five Kingdoms and Associated States During and After the First War of the Power, Some Were in Effect Before the Five Warring Kingdoms period as Well

The Five Warring Kingdoms period was an era in northwestern Aelian history between the 1974 and the beginning of the First War of the Power (2203-2223 a.a.H) that saw the annexation of all the contender states under the Dark Legion.

Although different scholars point toward different dates ranging from 1932 to 2030 a.a.H as the true beginning of the Five Warring Kingdoms, The first Degolandic-Sargonic war of 1974 is generally the most often cited and popularly accepted one.

Geopgraphy Edit

The political geography of the era was dominated by the Five Warring States, namely:

Besides these five major states, some minor states also survived into the period.

Background and formation Edit

The system of feudal states created by the partition of the Weseringian Empire had for long weakened the figure of kings, with a diminution of their relevance and power: however, after the War of the Dukes and the Cities in Sargos -and other processes of centralization of royal power- it led to a few states gaining power at the expense of many others, the latter no longer able to depend on central authority for legitimacy or protection, with the Karentian church becoming as well a political player. During the Five Warring Kingdoms period, many rulers claimed the Weseringian Crown to justify their conquest of other states and spread their influence.

The struggle for hegemony eventually created a state system dominated by several large states, such as Sargos, Degoland, La Cruz, Tardos and Huncle while the smaller states tended to be their satellites and tributaries.

The first decades of the Five Warring Kingdoms era were marked by increased stability, as the result of peace negotiations between Sargos and La Cruz which established their respective spheres of influence -which where rejected by Huncle and Tardos.

Sargos-Degoland Wars Edit

During this period, Degoland and Sargos will often clash against each other: There will be three Sargonic-Degolandic Wars (at 1974, 2030 and 2062), but as well they will face each other in the Tardic Succesion War (2086 - 2093), the War of the Five Kingdoms (2141 - 2146) and finally in the War of the Four Leaf Clover (2188 - 2189).

While Sargos was more powerful and often on the offensive, trying to conquer degolandic lands and annex Degoland to Sargos, at the end, could be considered it was a victory for Degoland, who finally got Sargos to recognice the river Osorio as the boundary between the two realms.

The War of the Clover Edit

The War of the Clover -or alternatively, the wars of the clover- was one of the longer lasting and more important conflicts during the period of the Five Warrying Kingdoms.

Fought over the possession of Trebol, a rich region between Huncle, Sargos, Karentia and La Cruz, it was under the rule of the Order of Trébol, that was tasked to pacify the region that had been menaced by the clans of the Angards and Karentian mountains: however with their defeat, many questioned that the now prosperous province to continue to be guarded by the Knights of Trebol.

The sucession crisis in the order to choose the next Master of the Clover, and the intervention of the Hunclech king in the results will trigger the ambitions of Sargos.

Between 1998 and 2189, eight wars will be fought for the control of Trebol: in the end, Sargos emerged victorious, with Huncle and La Cruz severly weakened.

The wars of the Cruzeños Edit

La Cruz, that quickly raised to be one of the most powerful realms of the period between the Weseuros, will wage numerous wars, taking part in the Wars of the Clover, facing Tardos and Akresh. The Cruzeños adventurers not only played an important role within the Five Kingdoms, but as well they will fight in Dumia, Hannia and so far in the south as Uslen.

However, overextended, their power will decline

The Wars of the Five Warring Kingdoms Edit

The Conflicts in chronological order:

  • First Sargonic-Degoland War (1974 - 2004), Sargos vs Degoland.
  • First War of the Montangards (1988-1994), Sargos, Order of Trébol and Karentia vs Kanovs of the Angards.
  • First War of the Clover (1998 - 2004), Sargos and Karentia vs Huncle vs La Cruz.
  • Sargonic-Tardic War (2005 - 2006) Sargos vs Tardos
  • Conquest of Gorbegea by La Cruz (2007), Cruzeños adventurers
  • First Sargonic invasion of Liohn (2008), Sargonic adventurers
  • Second Sargonic invasion of Liohn (2011), Sargos vs Liohn
  • Sargos-Akresh War (2014 - 2022) Sargos vs Akresh
  • Second War of the Clover (2024 - 2046) Sargos vs Huncle
  • Second Sargonic-Tardic War (2025 - 2028) Tardos vs Tardos
  • Tardic-La Cruz War (2028 - 2030) Tardos vs La Cruz
  • Battle of the Five Kings (2030) Tardos, Huncle and Degoland vs Sargos and La Cruz
  • Second Sargonic-Degoland War (2030-2032) Sargos vs Degoland and Tardos
  • Conquest of Dumia by La Cruz (2038 - 2059) Cruzeños adventurers
  • Conquest of Liohn by Sargos (2048) Sargos vs Liohn
  • Third War of the Clover (2061 - 2063) La Cruz, Karentia and Huncle vs Sargos
  • Third Sargonic-Degoland War (2062 - 2066) Sargos vs Degoland
  • Third Sargonic-Tardic War (2064 - 2066) Tardos vs Sargos
  • Conquest of Iperto and Aldehidy by La Cruz (2069-2074)
  • Fourth War of the Clover (2071 - 2076) La Cruz vs Huncle and Karentia
  • Tardic Succession War (2086 - 2093) Sargos vs Tardos and Degoland vs La Cruz
  • Rebellion of Bourden (2093 - 2129) Cruzeños adventurers vs Uslen
  • Invasion of the Kanovs of the Barlans (2093 - 2094) Kanovs of the Barlans vs Tardos, Sargos and Degoland
  • Fifth War of the Clover (2098 - 2114) Sargos vs Huncle
  • Sixth War of the Clover (2121 - 2124) La Cruz vs Sargos
  • Second Cruzeño invasion of Iperto (2136 - 2138) la Cruz vs Uslen
  • The War of the Five Kingdoms (2141 - 2146) Tardos, Degoland and Huncle vs Sargos vs La Cruz and Karentia. Known as well as the Seventh war of the Clover. Truce of the Clover
  • Unlic invasion of Dumia (2144) Uslen vs La Cruz
  • Third Cruzeño Invasion of Iperto (2172 - 2173) La Cruz vs Uslen
  • Second Tardic-La Cruz War (2174 - 2175) Tardos vs La Cruz
  • Hunclech-Degoland War (2177 - 2178) Huncle vs Degoland
  • War of the Four Leaf Clover (2188 - 2189) also known as the Seventh War of the Clover. Sargos vs Degoland vs Huncle vs La Cruz
  • Third Tardic-La Cruz War (2197-2199( La Cruz vs Tardos)
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