Duke Folcalor the Sailor, Admiral of the Dark Legion, was a Bazrrod demon lord.

In general, the Dark Legion of Demons didn't really focus much in their naval traditions, and while they first appeared on an island -Demonatch-, they mostly left it crossing down, beneath the northern sea strait, across the underworld of Kazrrad, and in a great part, demonic migrations were related to the extension of Kazrrad, and later, the early Dark Legion depended absolutely in the navies of their allies and vassals for their naval power.

Only as result of the experience of the First War of the Power, by the time of the Second Dark Age the demons had realized their need to develop a navy of the Dark Legion itself, being Folcalor one of its first admirals along with Velphar the Mermaid. But while Velphar mostly commanded the sea monsters and creatures, Folcalor was in charge of the ships and vessels.

Unlike the other few demons of the demonic navy, Folcalor had an affinity with elemental wind, being one of his preferred forms was of a man or woman with griffin's wings, it had used as well some forms as a feathered winged dragon, a horned Kanov, a Harpy and a giant albatross.

Folcalor had three legions under its command -Karentian Christian traditions noted him with thirty-, composed of the navy of the Dark Legion and its infantry of Marine.

Folcalor was key figure in the Hieyokscream Sea, and sailing the northern seas of Aiers. However, despite its efforts, the Dark Legion Navy continued to be too dependent of their allied and vassal Kanov and human navies, and normally the Dark Legion navy was in numerical (and often, technical) inferiority to their human, elven, kanov and Vanolosé rivals.

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