The Foreigners' Quarter, or the Foreigners' District is a district in the Drow capital of Negeémiliel. It is certain that some other drow cities have similar such districts, but the one in the Negeémi capital is likely the largest and best developed one.



While little is known of specifics, the Foreigners' Quarter would seem to be in the southern part of the city, and not so far away from the Academy. It is certain that the quarter is set fairly near places of business and not so far from the center of the city.

It is known that it is in a side cavern that branches off directly from the immense principal cavern. This segregates this part of the city from central part of the city. At one time, the district might have been completely outside of the old city altogether with the foreigners separated from most of the drow population save for business for security and racist reasons. But by the 25th Century, the district is near the heart of the great underground metropolis.

City FunctionEdit

The Foreigners' Quarter, as the name suggests, houses the foreigners who come to the Drow city. These are usually a myriad of merchants of many races and countries of origin. The Quarter evolved to become rather luxurious for the wealthy merchants who live there, and has come to be a market of its own. Food, for example, from the surface is shipped down by caravan to be purchased by the merchants living there. Often, Drow native to the city will gladly frequent the food market there to obtain fresher food for a higher price.

As perhaps the most cosmopolitan of the Drow cities, trade of exotic surface products in exchange for spider silk and fine clothes. While the Foreigners' Quarter is meant to be a residential neighborhood, it has a booming secondary market of surface goods to be had.



The origin of the district is subject to conjecture. If it started out in a way typical for the Drow, the Quarter would have been a segregated enclave where xenophobic Drow would contain spies and enemy agents while still trying to reap the benefits of trade.


As Negeémiliel grew towards a hegemonic empire, notions of who was a foreigner would have changed. Additionally, trade would have steadily expanded, bringing ever more merchants and their products to the enlarging city. The Foreigners' Quarter MAY have originally been in a distant corner of the city, but over time, as the city grew, the cavern isolating the foreign merchants from the Drow natives would be considered a close annex to the main cavern and the footprint of the old city. Eventually, the district might have been found bordering the old city center. The Quarter being rebuilt and evolving as it was built up and improved, often by merchants who had become essentially long term or permanent residents in the Drow city that was becoming cosmopolitan for all its trade.

Trade would indeed expand in and after the 23rd Century a.a.H., as spider silk garments and material would be highly prized and exported in ever greater amounts.

24th to 25th CenturyEdit

By the 25th Century a.a.H., the Quarter was seen as an opulent place, where well heeled Drow natives would gladly go to do business, even to obtain quality food given the endemic food shortages in the city. Various Drow of the city, particularly (but not limited to) commoners would be angered by the wealth of foreigners in their own secured district in a Drow city.

During the Dahl'Arak Coup of late 2428 a.a.H., the Quarter was attacked by the Cult of the Flower and looting slaves and commoners, mostly out of anger and envy. Many merchants are believed to have been killed, and damage done the district.

Current StatusEdit

As of 2429 a.a.H., the Foreigners' Quarter would seem to have returned to business as normal. This would suggest that the Quarter was not so badly damaged. It is very likely that some of the many of the mercenary houses of the city were contracted to provide protection to either some great merchants, or much of the Quarter; or both.

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