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The Free Colony of Achastia, in the Devart star system of the Nebulosa of Ots, has a very bad reputation. They are part of the LCP.

A series of orbiting colonies around Achastia, the Gas Giant of the system (some set in the larger asteroids, but other artificial colonies) when it was founded, Achastia was meant to mine and refine from the gas giant spaceship fuel.

A private venture, it was initially very successful which lead to a quick expansion of the operation under the patronage of the CONMI (Nortenz Mineral Corporation) and this to over-exploitation: the once promising mines and refineries of Achastia began to run dry of the precious raw materials that originally interested the CONMI to invest, and the remaining minerals only left a marginal profit:

The larger megacorporations pulled out to more profitable ventures, and only the small and middle business remained in the Free Colony, with a failing economy. The government, unable to fulfil its roles and keep the state infrastructure, functionally collapsed with it's officials being only figureheads who tried to make the most for their own pockets, with corruption running rampant.

In the route of some more successful colonies of the Devart Sector, former colonial authorities will either use or sell spaceships, that will began to do raiding activities. While these operations first were severely punished by the neighbouring colonies (and the megacorporations who had the license to colonize them), the Rebellion of the Clones would hit hard the local corporate colonies, with some major rebellions: these conflicts will become the opportunity for anarchy, and all the ones who profited from them. Weapons dealers and smugglers arrived, along with mercenaries and equipment, serving either the rebels or the corporations, and Achastia, a sort of "no-mans-land" was effectively put under control of organised crime, being the Sons of Achast one of the most powerful crime guilds.

Aside of the pirates, smugglers, weapons dealers and mercenaries that set base in Achastia, there will emerge then the trade that will make the former mining space colonies infamous: slavery of clones. A practice absolutely banned, there had always been a reduced, black market for human trafficking, with the rebellion of the clones, many rebel clones were captured by militias and paramilitaries that didn't respected international law... and Achastia will become the market for these prisoners. Sometimes, corporations (and some ONGs) tried to save clones from slavery, having agents in Achastia to deal with criminals, paying ransoms and trying to reach agreements with the slavers. However, always their efforts were too limited, and weren't anywhere enough.

As the crime guilds became more and more powerful, the end of the Rebellion of the Clones didn't put an end to them, as many hoped would be the case: the profiteers of the war had growth beyond their need for the Rebellion of the Clones: the infamous human trafficking of Achastia will be known beyond the Devart Sector, as a place where no laws ruled and everything could be done. While it was a nuance both to local interests of megacorporations (and the newly created shik republics of the Devart Sector, Mekkhere and Gerfan), any attempt to coordinate actions against Achastia failed due lack of cooperation and distrust, and only local, limited actions would be done against the crime guilds of Achastia and with the Devart Sector War, the Free Colonies of Achastia thrived again with their immoral trade.

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  • The Meat Market.
  • Casinos of Achastia

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