The Star System of Fullormoon it's a star system located in the Nebulosa of Ots, in the outer colonies. It's the System 131 of the Nebulosa of Ots, and it's claimed as a system claimed by Nortenz, who only have several smaller colonies. After the Nebulosa of Aiers War, it's control will pass to the EUS.

The Star System of Ots is compossed of 10 planets

Helfheim, Fullormoon IIEdit

Helfheim (131.2) it was a mineral-type planet from Nortenz, with a small colony of 416 persons.

Fullormoon, Fullormoon IIIEdit

Fullormoon (131.3) was the Nortenz capitol of the system, an aiers-type world where is bassed the gobernor, military bases and administration. For the 3430, it had a population of barely 94,000 inhabitants.

It was the first planet settled in the system of Fullormoon.

Grummbär, Fullormoon IVEdit

Grummbär (131.4) is a mineral-type planet that was of Nortenz, having a small colony of 1280 settlers.

Zifvmerenko, Fullormoon VIIEdit

Zifvmerenko (131.7) is a mineral-type planet terraformed to be a aiers-type planet. It was settled under liscence by Spotzen to Kasparov CIA at the 3369 a.a.H, having the planet by the 3430 a dense population for a corporative-liscenced Outer Colony, having as well 130 orbiting space colonies around it- the population of the planet itself was composed of about half biological humans –most of them, descendants of Shiks, but natural born-, being many of the shiks in Zifvmerenko ones with families and already settled, or retired shiks from active duty. In the Orbital colonies lived near the 3430 some 32,500,000 inhabitants, meanwhile in the planet, the population was about some 160,000,000 inhabitants.

Mime, Fullormoon VIIIEdit

Mime (131.8) is a minera-type planet, which had a colony of Nortenz of about 9,600 inhabitants for the 3430.