King Furras the Knight, or Furras the Pyromancer, Furras the Pyromaniacal and Furras the Pyro Knight was a Bazrrod demon lord of the Dark Legion of Demons

Once a tertiary demon, a nobody's lieutenant, he came to proclaim himself a demon King that rose to a position of power during the time of the Remnants of the Dark Legion, until he was finally defeated by the Witch King of Dol-Nur

While he came under the service of Dol-Nur, he resented it, and by the time of the return of Demon Lords, he secretly joined forces with Satman, becoming his supporter. 

He became openly siding with Satman as he joined the Order of the Fallen Knights, being known as Furras the Knight. 

While he wasn't the highest member of the Order of the Fallen, he was the most powerful Bazrrod that served as knight of the order. 

According human demonologists, he ruled over 20 legions of demons, and taught Philosophy, Astronomy, Rhetoric, Chiromancy and Pyromancy. 

He fell out of grace along with Satman after his failed coup, and was imprisoned, reduced only to a soul stone, until the Third War of the Power, in which for his martial prowess, he was given again a body. 

He took often the form of a strong old man with white hair and a long white beard, and preferred to use sharp weapons.  

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