Orc Galaw Princess

A Galaw -or High Orc- noblewoman of one of the small orc kingdoms of Hieyoks, in the northern shores of the sea of Tok.

G A L A W,Alta Orcii  




Other names: High Orc, Galawkey  

Allegiance: Independent kingdoms, Empire of Whide Axis.  

The Galaw are goblinoids of the Orc family,originally from the continent of Hieyoks.  

Normally, the Galaw are heavier and a bit larger than the humans, and in comparison to other orcs,they have a quite lighter body build, being very characteristic of them how they stand: upright and straight, similar to the zarhuyian Antorian Orcs or the Vanolosé Orcs, while most of the other orc-kind stand in a crooked way, with the arms hanging in the front.  

Their skin tone normally is a dark green, sometimes with brown or black tones.  They were called High Orcs by the High Elves, because while in their first encounter they found these orcs to still be just animals-as was everybody who wasn't a high elf-, they thought amongst the orcs they were the ones who looked more evolved and closer to elf-kind, and therefore less human. As well, in comparison to the other northern orcs, as the Polforian green orcs, or the long nosed Hieyoksmainer, they were the much taller.  

Aside from their relatively tall size, the High Orcs developed-much later- one of the more advanced orc cultures like the Kaiehm green, Brûmer red or brown Vanolosé orcs, at least for the high elf investigators.   


The Galaw entered into history relatively late-in elven history, that is-, only during the Age of Invasions: Pressed by the changes of the world of Aiers-produced by the arrival of humans-, The Galaw orcs needed to migrate from northern Hieyoks to southern territories, migrating to Aels and Ushaenorinthe year 120 After the Apparition of Humanity (a.a.H). While in Ushaenor the High Elves of the Whide Axis were capable of defending against the Galaw invasion, the numerically few but dangerous Galaw hordes advanced into Aels, founding several kingdoms in this continent in the 165 a.a.H-many times in elven conquered lands.- 

In the year 172 a.a.H, there was created the Galaw-Hebonnor Kingdom of Galawkey, under Grad'Bo I, who about 22 years later, proclaimed the equality between the Galaw and the Mountain Elves (Hebonnor), being created the first orc-elf kingdom, under orc kings, who later made in 202 a.a.H an alliance with the eagle people, the Car'Haad, against their common enemies.  About a century later, in the 278 a.a.H, the Galawkey invaded the High Elven lands of the Whide Axis in Aels, beginning the High Elf-Galawkey war. While the war continued, the Galaradaan Kingdom of the Galaw was founded the 302 a.a.H, and in the 309, the Galaw arrived in the continent of Zarhuy.  

During the IV century of the Age of Invasions, the Galaw reached the height of their power: However, the migration of first Kanov (330 a.a.H) and human (410 a.a.H) into Aels, meant the end of the golden age of the Galaw kingdoms of Galawkey, Galaradaan and other kingdoms of the high orcs in Aels. 

In the 412 ended of the High Elf-Galawkey war, but mostly because both kingdoms needed to redirect their efforts against the new invaders: At the 437, the Galaradaan kingdom was destroyed by Kanovs, andat the 440 a.a.H, the Galawkey kingdom: and soon, all the major political organizations of the Galaw fell under Kanov or human hands,the Galaw and othersbeing pushed to the mountains.  And with the human migration to Hieyoks (517 a.a.H)-and the earlier arrival of Kanovs at the 390 a.a.H- there as well the High Orc territories were reduced to some northern, scattered settlements and minor states.  

The Galaws of Aels: The GalawkeyEdit

Because of the invasion of Aels, where Galaw kingdoms were founded, there reappeared two branches of the Galaw family of orcs:  The Galaws of Nohalion, along this Aelian mountain range.

Since the beginning -the invasion of Aels- they were a rather small population, dominating extensive areas, populated by other species, with more developed cultures-as well as technology-, their lives a quick process of acculturation, taking many of the cultural values of the peoples under their empire and kingdoms.  

Due to this, their culture adopted many foreign costumes, and not only that, but as well, there existed a strong hybridization between the Galaw orcs and their subjugated vassals, such as the mountain elves.Therefore, in general the Nohalion Galaw orcs were more advanced in a material cultural way, having lighter green skin tones, and being smaller than their hieyoks brethren. 

Their economic activities were mostly raising cattle and hunting, for the meat and the skins, doing somesmall scale agriculture, as they have abandoned almost completely sentient people-eating practices.  

The Galaws of HieyoksEdit

The Galaws of Hieyoks, who remained in their original homelands, advanced as well in their material culture, with the later exchanges with the trading Vanolosé orcs, the white elves and later, humans, but being proud peoples, they tried to keep their racial purity, in front of non-orcs and other orc races, being easier for them to remain the largest basis of population.  

The Galaws of Hieyoks were warriors, as most of orc races are, but they were dedicated as well to the sea,being pirates, fishermen and traders, depending onthe season. Aside from hunting and raising cattle, due to the trade with the Vanolosé Orcs, they became miners for ores with commercial interests, and had some quite crafted artisans, being a recent business the one of taming Walrus for the Vanolosé orcs.