Cut Galaw by Shabazik

A Galawkey Noble, a Southern Galaw Orc with some elven ancestors

The Kingdom of Galawkey was a Galaw-Hebonnor realm that occupied land son either side of the NohalionAels extending across much of the mountain range. 

It was founded by the Galaw High Orc and their king 

The Kingdom of Galawkey was formed when the Galaw High orc chieftain Grad'Bo I was elected or declared king in Galaw (traditionally in 172), after the sack and conquer f the fortresses and villages of the Hebonnor mountain elves of the region. 

Originally an orc nation, Grad'Bo I wasn't only a conqueror of elves, but he wanted to build a nation: therefore, Grad'Bo I, first king of Galawkey and founder of the kingdom, proclaimed at the 194 a.a.H -only 22 years after the fundation- the equal rights between their orc and elf vassals, rather than keeping two divided societies -with a high orc aristocracy- as was the case of other high orc kingdoms. This was as part of a movement of legitimation of the High Orc rule, a minority among the mountain peoples.

At the 202 a.a.H, they made an alliance with the Car'Had eagle people.

Galawkey will expand, clashing with the High Elves in their expansionist ambitions. By the 278 a.a.H, after about a century of existence, when the Galaw tried to expand their influence to the lowlands controlled by the High elves,  will begin the High Elf-Galawkey war, that will last until the 412 a.a.H.

Successful at first, from the conquered lands to the High Elves Galawkey nobles will found the Kingdom of the Galaradaan Kingdom at the 302 a.a.H.

However, the constant wars weakened Galawkey, and the invasions of the Kanovs first and Humans later, will crumble the kingdom. 

The southern part of the Kingdom was conquered by the Kanov-humans by the 412 a.a.H -along with many High Elven realms, reason why the High Elf-Galawkey war will end-. The dangers that possed the Kanovs resulted in the end of the High Elf-Galawkey war at the same year, but rather than peace a truce was signed, as had become more important for the Galawkey and High Elves to face the invasion of the Kanovs.

Invaded, the Galawkey will retreat to their mountain valleys, lasting the reduced kingdom until the 453 a.a.H. when the last Galaw Orc king, Grad'Bo III died in the Gätersberg Battle against the Kordor Kanovs invaders.

The later elven Kings of the Hill of the Hebonnor Kingdom claimed to be successors of the Kings of the Hill of the Galawkey.


In the Highlands and Mountains, the relations of conquerors and conquered, Galaw orc and Hebonnor Elf, would originate a new, mixed culture, which culminated in the foundation of the Galawkey kingdom, under the first King of the HillGrad'Bo I, a Galaw Orc kingdom:

The more monumental and splendorous art, architecture and advances of the Hebonnor Elves are from the Galawkey era, as the creation of their biggest city, of D'Bodon of the Hollow Mountain.

Though the Hebonnor-Galaw relations and marriages were prohibited for the commoners, among the nobles such political alliances were necessary: which meant in the long run an aristocracy of mixed blood, who lived way longer than the Galaw Orcs, but much shorter than the Hebonnor elves.

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