Galawonnor can mean two different, non-consecutive mountain elven and high orc kingdoms, located in different regions of the Nohalion mountains. This was possible because the name was a contraction of the names of it's peoples -Galaw Orcs and Hebonnor elves-, rather than a region.

First Galawonnor Kingdom Edit

The First Galawonnor Kingdom was one of the splinter states that emerged after the collapse of the Galawkey Kingdom, claiming to be a succesor state. Ruled by High Orc Kings, they competed with other Hebonnor and Galaw states for the title of King of the Hill.

Second Galawonnor Kingdom Edit

The Second Galawonnor Kingdom was a short-lived post-cataclysmic Galaw-Hebonnor state founded at the 2703 a.a.H, banding together Galaws and Hebonnor once again under an authority that had claimed for itself the title of King of the Hill.

It was conquered by the Calintropian Empire as result of the War of the Seven Realms, becoming an Imperial Province at the 2760 a.a.H.

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