Great Marquis Gamyn the Scholar was a Bazrrod demon Lord of the Dark Legion of Demons, head of the demonic universities. 

According to human demonologists, he ruled over thirty legions of demons, teaching liberal arts and giving accounts of souls that died in sin: 

In the Demonic Republic, he had been in charge of doing census, acquiring and recording information about the members and population of the Dark Legion, to provide information to take decisions and determine the Blood Tax, amount of warriors fit to serve the Legion and for a basis of taxation, and while the Demonic Republic collapsed into the demonic triumvirate, as a bureaucrat, he continued in this role. 

Escaping the defeat on the First War of the Power, he became a member of the Demonic Brotherhood of Tempo-katzooine, and later tried to make his own Dark Realm, but due to his attempt to control every aspect of the administration failing as a successful demonic remnant state. 

With the Return of the Second Dark Age, he was again in charge of the recollection of data -which he preferred over ruling his own realm-, and as the academies of the different courts began to expand into demonic universities, he would be raised in rank as Head of the Demonic Universities.  

Among some of his known forms is as a little horse or a donkey, aside as an old wise man. 

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