Gargoyle warrior by shabazik-d6byrgy

A more flight capable, high ranking, aesthetic gargoyle

G A R G O Y L E, Gargula Daemonii

Race: Gargoyle

Class: Gargoyle

Species: Daemoni

Other names: Grotesque, Gargouille, gullet, gurgulio, gula, gárgola, doccione, Goji

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

Gargoyles are a type of demonic creature, closely related to the chimeras and Grotesques, and as well other monsters. The gargoyle-gargoyke is how were called these winged creatures, who often had a humanoid form.


Like other types of demons, their physical characteristics vary greatly, largely based on the whims of their original creators, and the randomness of their later generations. Some were aesthetically formed, others were more hideous. Some were wingless, or much too heavy to fly, others were small or slender. They were usually dark or greyish in coloration.


The gargoyles usually had wings, but many if not most did not seem very flight capable. They may have been better gliders than actual flyers?


It's possible that the gargoyles were an attempt to make flyers that were tougher and had a better survival rate? If nothing else, there is a whole host of roles for gargoyles based on the diverse forms they held. But they did usually have much tougher skin, bones and bodies than other humanoid flyer creatures, often with reinforced long bones and bony protrusions.

They may have been intended as the flyer version of shock troops? Certainly, the bulkier and stronger non flyer versions could fulfill that role.

A common mythEdit

They are nocturnal creatures, and according to human myths, during the day they converted in stone -as the myths of trolls- but this seem to have been a human legend.

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