Gecho light infantry by shabazik-d6pbhus

A Gecho Light Infantry, Aels

G E C H O, Gekko Draakii

Race: Gecho

Class: Siggo

Species: Draaki

Other names: Geko, Gesho, Geek, Geeko, Gekko.

Allegiance: unaligned, served both the Empire of Whide Axis and the Dark Legion of Demons

The Gecho are a kind of Siggos (Lizard men). They were scattered in Aels, Hieyoks, and Ushaenor.

Five Main FamiliesEdit

Among the Draaki -Dragon folk-, there are five main families: Draaks (Dragons), Draak Harg (Dragon-men), Siggos (lizard-men), Aminiotas (amphibious-men) and Dragonids.

General DescriptionEdit

The Gecho are a generally bipedal, often fast moving (warm temperature dependent) race of reptilian people. Many times, to differentiate one dragon-men or lizard-men race from other was difficult to outsiders, the Gecho being recognizable for their "double knee" leg structure and long tails. They are cold blooded and oviparous.


Very little is known. The Gechos, often were used by the Draak Harg, Draakans and Holldraaks as their servants, and they didn't develop any independent nation on their own. They are somewhat similar to serving Draak Harg peoples in a similar way as Goblins might serve Orcs.

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