Ghent is a large town in Stapäria that is the origin of characters from the 'Bog the Barbarian' set of stories.




Ghent is a grim town in a rural environment, of great poverty, but with some developments such as stone buildings, walls, and some industry such as metal working. It is known not to have an orphanage or other higher aspects of a town of its size. It is therefore something of a cruel "Darwinist" community given racial tensions, lack of social support, and harsh punishments given by the leaders of the town and its militia.


Despite the country of Stapäria having a large coastline for its size, the town seems to be away from the coast, suggesting that it might be a center of mining products or river traffic? Unfortunately, not much is known about the town. It is subject the werewolf attacks from the forests of Wildnacht, suggesting that the town is to the west of the coastal country, away from the coasts, and near the forests of the border.


The population is mostly humans, including ethnic Nutks, but also a large number of Kanovs, and presumably some non-humans such as Orcs, Sylvan elfs, and Dwarfs. Beast People, particularly the K'Nirs, might find their way here.

Despite past conflicts, Werewolfs are also sometimes seen in the town, but they are not allowed to assume animal forms in the town. But the Grey Shadow pack has developed something of a mercenary relationship as protectors of the town from outside attacks. Probably particularly from other werewolves.


It is not known how the town is governed, but it applies rather draconian punishments. Most likely to keep the town from descending into chaos or to mitigate a 'rough and tumble frontier town', which is what the town is. Violence is often punished with death, and thieves are punished with facial branding.


Origins and DevelopmentEdit

The town seems to be very well established by 2430 a.a.H., and would be expected to have been in existence many decades earlier, well into the 24th Century or earlier. It might have grown rapidly at some point, and then ran into a 'bust' cycle? In any case, it remained a large community for being on the frontier, most likely it is at a trading crossroads between the coasts to the east and Kanovait and Polforia over the mountains.


It is not known how often the town might have come under attack from kanovait or states in eastern Polforia. With little of value but the town itself, and whatever barely sustains the town, and mountains in the way, it would seem that no one has much bothered the town, or the country of Stapäria. The greatest military threat would seem to come from the demon ruled state of Anutkia to the south.

It is probable that the country is seen as a buffer state for Fronhost to the north? Or, perhaps more likely, it just isn't seem worth conquering?

But the town was indeed subject to attacks from the werewolf demons of Wildnacht. While the town would seem to have walls, of some sort, werewolves were known to have successfully entered the town and ran through its streets circa 2425 a.a.H., resulting in multiple deaths of people unable to escape them. This was the encounter which cost Oyvald Traefod his mother, and cost him his right leg.

Speculation: This werewolf attack might have been the reason why the town contracted with the Grey Shadow werewolf clan to guard the town's perimeter certain times of the year?

Bog the BarbarianEdit

The traveling adventurer and usual Adventurers' Guild of Zannas member Bog, was no stranger to the northeastern corner of the continent of Aels. While normally taking work in the south, he would periodically travel to the north, and he came through Ghent on multiple occasions. After the earthquake devastation and sacking of the great city of Zannas in 2428 a.a.H., he would seem to have elected to live in the north of Aels as he began travels throughout Polforia, revisiting places he had seen in his youth. In any event, he would stop in Ghent many times over the years, with the Kanov woman Agransk Järnarmenk frequently being his lover.

Speculation: Bog might have been in the area to fend off the werewolf attacks of circa 2425? It would correlate reasonably with the age of his son, Odgark? He might have also had some positive dealings with the Grey Shadow werewolf clan? It would go a long way to explaining his cordial relations with them when he ventured into Wildnacht in 2430 a.a.H., to obtain information about the White Fang werewolves in Polforia in his hope to return Pumori of the White Fang to her family?

The Half elf daughter of Bog, Bogilla Sybill'innu, came to live in Ghent for a time, circa 2442 a.a.H. in an unknown capacity and occupation. Possibly as an adventurer or caravan guard, or representing interests of the elves of Nubla. She is known for having a brief relationship with Odgark Jarnarmenk until realizing that he was her half brother.


The town of Ghent might well have suffered in the Second War of the Power, particularly after the demon king Anutkahook declared his independence from the Demonic Dark Legion, in 2493 a.a.H., and dark legion armies would march against his nation, essentially occupying much of the northern mainland of his kingdom. Ghent would likely be one of the routes to reach his nation from Polforia.


The basic concepts of the town of Ghent is the creation of Kanyiko.

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