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The village of Gigfran Nyth during the Spring Festival. A fertility celebration and time of couples pairing off. Maylara Maltree is in the foreground with her Great Uncle Corvin as a stand in for a boyfriend

Gigfran Nyth was an Hebonnor mountain elven village in the southern mountains of Nohalion, in the Hebonnor Kingdom. It is best known as being the village that Maylara Maltree grew up in.


The village would seem to be not far from Animadelia, north of the Fallen Doors. The village is literally up in the mountain highlands, on sloping pastures which are used for raising sheep, well above mountain valleys, but below the treeline in elevation.



The village is small, but consists of several families, mostly related to each other, with a handful of several elf children some years apart in age around at all times. With that as a guide, given the long life of elves after childhood, there might be a couple hundred mountain elves living there. The village has a one-room school house, some larger homes and buildings, and a community center for meetings in, or in front of long-house like structure. The village also boasts a bathhouse, although, like all elves, the Hebonnor keep themselves at least fairly clean, so such amenities are common even in lower populations.


A Hebonnor noble nominally rules the village and some surrounding villages. In practice, the village is governed by an elected village chief called a "Prif", and by a handful of elders who influence the behavior of the villagers.

Much is decided in community discussion at the Long House that serves as a community center and public forum. Doubtlessly, much informal discussion might happen at the bathhouse as well.


The village selects traveling Hebonnor scholars or one of the more educated villagers to serve as a teacher in a, simple, but well built and well appointed one room school house. Elves of most types promote the best education of their means, and the mountainous rural Hebonnor are no exception.


The village is defended by militia capable fighters, a few elves have some former training as warriors, or bandits, and share some aspects of that training with the youths. Many have hunting skills that they may apply towards war as scouts or simple rangers, and also in providing skills as archers or crossbowelves.

The core of the village is surrounded by a wooden palisade. Many homes and farms are outside the fence, particularly those with flocks of sheep.


Sheepherding is most common, the planting of short season grains and other crops, and trade along the road of needed food staples or baking goods. Hunting helps supplement the sheep and goats, much work is done with gathering and processing wool and processing cheeses.

Other Neighboring VillagesEdit

The local villages compete with one another over grazing land and other resources. Much rustling of flocks takes place between villages, but does not count as a crime unless occurring in the same village. Sometimes outright banditry occurs between villages and the mountain roads. Despite this, people between villages meet often for events of interest, or festivals.

Rustling may sometimes be an act of boredom and competition between villages as opposed to simple theft. Festivals reduce boredom and allow an outlet for fun competition and bragging. These festivals are also a common time for exchanging children between villager families, and neighboring villages as mates.

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Clarise and her family meeting the Negeémi Drow Acolyte Briiza Ralochs. The villagers were concerned about the intentions of the victorious drow following the Battle of Cilfach

Current StatusEdit

As of 2429 a.a.H. as a result of the Negeémi victory at the Battle of Cilfach, almost one year earlier in 2428 a.a.H, that ended the war between the Hebonnor kingdom and the Negeémi State, the village became part of the Negeémi empire as a captured land ceded to Negeémiliel.

The Village now has nominal management shifted from a distant Hebonnor noble known as 'Diwerth' to the Negeémi House Char'Isstra.

Known CharactersEdit

  • Maylara Maltree
  • Thaergrud (Maylara's adoptive mother)
  • Aldabeer (Maylara's adoptive father)
  • Corvin (ancient adoptive great uncle to Maylara)
  • Neroe Rhedyn
  • Neroe's father, no known first name, last name is presumably "Rhedyn"
  • Clarise (cousin to Neroe and social adversary of Neroe and Maylara)
  • Clarise's unnamed husband who was also a childhood adversary of Neroe and Maylara
  • Clarise's unnamed daughter
  • Unnamed wizard school teacher
  • Gwisg (the Prif, or elected village chief)
  • Unnamed village elder that spoke for Maylara
  • Diwerth (the Hebonnor noble who nominally ruled the village until 2429 a.a.H.)


The original ideas for Gigfran Nyth come from Animal-Delos, with many details filled in by Shabazik.

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