Goblin King of Kaiehm, Unknown name (circa 2350? -  ? a.a.H.)

The Goblin King is just one of many goblin chieftains of Kaiehm, but in the late 24th to early 25th centuries he would be renowned as the longest reigning, wisest and mightiest in the history of Kaiehm.

Attributes Edit

  • A half-dwarf, half-goblin
  • Patient
  • Long Lived and Aged
  • Multilingual
  • Ambitious
  • Stout
  • Wise and Sophisticated
  • Has a Mighty Beard

History Edit

Early Edit

Almost nothing is known of this character, not even his name. But his mother was a 'Changeling', that is, a child of another race who was adopted and raised by goblins. In this case, of a Kaiehm Duergar, (a southern dwarf type). His father being a goblin. The goblins of his kingdom being rather sophisticated, or at least had such trappings of the finer things in his court. It can only be speculated on how his unusual heritage and the nature of the goblin society he grew up in made him as a ruler.

For example, perhaps a sophisticated society found the taking of a dwarven captive and making her a changeling a political gain, rather than just a development of happenstance? In any event, hints of the infrastructure of the kingdom suggests something far more developed than the wretched bare or nasty caves typically thought of as goblin domains.

Great King Edit

Long Reign Edit

The Goblin King is known for having a long and successful career. First, in achieving numerous victories in becoming king, and second, for remaining king against rivals both overt and subversive. It would seem he excelled at political moves and trade as well.

Gurazimbal Raid Edit

The Goblin King is noted for a very successful attack on the Dwarf fortress of Gurazimbal, (circa 2400 A.a.H.?) which was a major political coup for him, as well as providing much loot, most importantly of arms and armor of dwarven make. This would further increase the power of this goblin kingdom.

The Orc Queen Edit

About circa 2409 A.a.H., the Goblin King received an envoy from the Horde of Antor's Orc Queen. The diplomat, Trinchatripas was vain and foolish, believing himself to be able to wow his goblin hosts for being a hobgoblin warrior, much as hobgoblins are likely to do when away from larger and stronger orcs, and among smaller and weaker goblins. These goblins were much more sophisticated than he could understand. Fortunately, his interpreter, Kuku of the Rotten Log was able to converse with the Goblin King and win his favor.

The Goblin King's famed success at Gurazimbal was part of why the Orc Queen sent a diplomatic mission; she wanted to buy much of his captured dwarven made arms and armor. Further, she wanted him to attack the local dwarves of Kaiehm so as to create a diversion of attention away from her actions on the plains as she pushed south against the High elves of Vanilion.

Much of the success of the mission was the Goblin King's tolerance, born from being of mixed races and his mother being a changeling.

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