Goelathia, or alternatively known as Goeliathia, Goeladia or Goeland, the lands of the Goeliards, was a region in the Wilderness north to the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest, that will become the one of the Northern Marches of Huncle.

The tribe of the Goeliards Edit

The Goeliards, a human tribe from which originated the name to the region seems to have been a tribe more closely related to the Ushavericans than the Weseuros, and they practiced a pagan religion with syncretic elements of Kanov cults -being instruments of cults aside of war some weapons, such as swords-.

The Goeliards had came under influence of Drows and Demons, and during the First War of the Power, the Goeliards marched along the Dark Legion of Demons as their vassals. In its aftermath, the Karentian Christian church made an effort to Christianize the pagans, with mixed results -until the arrival of knights to impose Christian faith-, being founded the March of Goelathia.

The March of Goelathia Edit

With the defeat of the Dark Legions and the end of the war, many of the occupation forces of orcs, goblins and demons of the Five Kingdoms escaped to the north, to the Wilderness.

This worried the Hunclech monarchs, and while there was already being launched a large and ambitious colonisation project by the humans and elves in Polforia, the Hunclech decided to colonise the north, extending the northern marches.

Seen as a safe haven for herectics, pagans, former dark-legionnaries and mercenaries, the Hunclech monarchy and nobles began to extend their reaches in the northern marches -being founded new Marches such as Cairie-, reaching to the lands of the Goeliards.

At the 2231 a.a.H, will be formally created the March of Goelathia, who since it's inception had to fight a war against the free tribes in the War of Goelathia, which faced the human settlers against Terrag the Scourge, demon lieutenant who had proclaimed himself as King of the Wilderness, leading the remnants of the Dark legions. Terrag will be defeated at the 2236, but conflict will continue against the descendants of the dark legionnaries and free clans until the 2260s.

The Goeliards where converted by the sword, and the march was forged in the wars against the non-humans: this cultivated hate toward non-humans will extend not only to their pagan enemies, but as well to other non-human centric Northern marches as Cairie.

The oppresion of non-humans in Goelathia, along with prosecution of these minorities and their expulsion toward Cairie -along with claims over humans settlements in Cairie- will lead to the Rebellion of the Pointy Ear in 2264 a.a.H, a Non-human revolt in northern Goelathia against prosecutions and taxes, which was violently repressed.

Goeliathian Coalition Edit

During the space age, a Free Colony will be named after the ancient Goeliathia, which will be the base for the later Goeliathian Coalition.

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