The Goeliathian Coalition was an alliance of Free Colonies in the Outer Core of the Nebula of Ots, that was formed to oppose the power and influence of the corporations of the Industrial Consortium in the Devart Sector.

The Goelathian Coalition was above all a military coalition, built and united under a singular power by multiple states and governments, and was very fluid in terms of membership.

History Edit

Background Edit

Colonization of the Devart Sector Edit

The Devart Sector of the Nebula of Ots, while it was first discovered by the Ozean 4th Colonial Fleet in the second half of the 3330s in their way toward planet Ots, won't have human settlements -with the exception of Mekhere- until the 3380s.

While the RFB will have originally developed only a marginal interest on the sector -later being considered excluded the Bazik worlds of the Devart Sector-, and while there would be some presence of the Norodor Empire, most of the settlement was done by free colonists.

As the Fifty Years War began at the 3391 a.a.H, there would be a large number of refugees who will try to escape from war, migrating to Free Colonies -however, as neutrality wasn't a security, several of the Free Colonies of the Devart Sector will align with some greater powers, as the LCP.

By the 3400s, the Devart Sector colonies were well established -and began to be increasingly attractive for foreign powers and the corporations-. While in the colonies that had joined the Norodor Empire, the Alianza, the EUS or the LCP the mega-corporations of the Industrial Consortium of the CONIN had free reign -and often, almost absolute-, many of the remaining free, unaligned colonies -and specially, the local elites and corporations- will mistrust the CONIN corporate interests.

The Confederated Colonial Republics Edit

The remaining Free Colonies were extremely diverse, having been founded by different populations with very diverse ideologies: however, the pressure put into them by the greater powers -and distrust toward the LCP as a puppet of both the corporations and the RFB- determines the decision by a group of Free Colonies -around Goeliathia- to form an alliance for self-defence, called the Confederated Colonial Republics at the 3402.

While initially an union of independent states, the more densely populated and industrialised Goeliathia will begin to turn the Confederated Colonial Republics (C.C.R) into an increasingly centralist state. Goeliathia, founded by biological human supremacists began to extend its policies -as an imposition of a mandatory 3 child rule, emphasis on education and propaganda, along with a fear campaign against artificial humans, androids, robots and artificial intelligence.

With the Truce of Ots at the 3405 and the perceived growing threat of the greater powers expanding, the Goeliathian-lead CCR held all the colonies to the same economic standards as the more advanced central colonies. Taxation rose for them, making many of the smaller colonies and local corporations buckle under the weight of heavy taxation. A large scale fear of artificial intelligence gripped the nation, which would will be further exploited with the "Artificial Rebellion", a colony of corporate clones in the Devart sector that rebelled against CCR authorities at the 3414, before being put down by the CCR Armed forces. This event Caused the CCR to grow very wary of clones and androids. Artificial Intelligence was severely restricted, and Androids began to be destroyed -and the same with corporate clones-.

Because of this massive fear campaign and the heavy taxation, many of the colonies began to view the Goeliathian CCR not as a protector and shining example of democracy, but a fascist regime. The rift had become so deep, that the CCR feared a rebellion in these colonies, sending much of their military resources to preemptively quell any possible rebellion. This was the final straw in the end though, and ignited the powder keg at the 3420.

It happened so quickly that the CCR could not even foresee it. An artificially created army on the Colony of Xe was distributed throughout the dissident colonies, with the casus bellum being when an allegedly peaceful protest against heavy taxation was put down by CCR enforcers. The powder keg exploded. The rebels will be largely defeated, but there were heavy casualties on both sides. At the 3423 was imposed an uneasy peace treaty by the RFB, who after some important space battle victories against the EAN felt in shape to impose order in what they considered their backyard.

The Treaty of Garretta, signed at the capitol of Goeliathia, made the CCR into a much looser union of nations that had little central power, becoming an ineffective political body: many of the disputed worlds during the war will be recognised as unaligned free colonies, while from the rebels originated two nations who later will become later regional powers: the Kingdom of Xe and the Republic of Ovkoria.

Formation of the Goeliathian Coalition Edit

During the period of the 3423-3434, the former CCR sector was largely left to its own devices -rather than being annexed by the RFB, as was first feared when was imposed the treaty of Garretta. This was both due the fortunes of the Fifty Years War that demanded the full attention of the greater powers and the Rebellion of the Clones, that challenged the corporate powers.

During this period, Goeliathia and it's closer allies abandoned the CCR, forming the Goeliathian Federation, which contested for hegemony in the former CCR with the Xe and Ovkoria, while the unalligned colonies fell into political instability would often clash the Federation, the Xe and Ovkoria.

However, at the end of the Rebellion of the Clones at the 3434, corporations such as the WK.CORP -that weren't as affected by the Rebellion as others, more based on a clone workforce- will seek to expand their influence, which included in their expansion plans the Devart Sector.

As the great corporations of the CONIN began to venture into the former CCR, trying to buy or influence local corporations to become subsidiary companies, tensions will build up.

The clash of interests between the local corporations and elites against the CONIN will come to a first clash with the Augustinian-Collective War.

One of the former CCR member states, the Republic of Augustinia had claimed hegemony over several worlds that were expected to be rich in Stornkoldio, a key mineral used for spaceship production and FTL drives: however, their claim clashed with the Collective, a group of corporations that had come under the influence of WK.CORP.

Thanks to their initial success in the first skirmishes against the lightly armed Collective prospectors, the Augustinian plutocrats trusted that a military option would be in their favour.

Indeed, the corporations of the Collective lacked a military might, but the secret negotiations led by the Augustinian who believed to have the upper-hand, will result to be unacceptable to the Collective, who tried to contest with their private military contractors the military might of the Augustinian military.

After some failed and costly operations, the Collective contacted the WK.CORP for military support, being the first direct military involvement of CONIN corporations in the former CCR-

The WK.CORP corporate armies will be very successful against the Augustinians and was able to strike their homeworld. Due the brutality of the WK.CORP, the war became ideological and supported by the people -propaganda driven-, which would in turn subtract much from the capability of the Augustinian regime to deal a peace treaty with the collective. In the same time, it will began an uproar in the Federation and the CCR, which were worried by the foreign corporate influence, and as well the WK.CORP armies of robots and composites ringed the old fears of the CCR.

Thanks to the Augustinian sacrifices and the volunteers of Goeliathia and the CCR, they were able to make the conflict too costly to be profitable for the WK.CORP who only had a secondary interest supporting the Collective -risking as well an extension of the war-, so finally an agreement was reached -agreement which stripped Augustinia from their prospective riches and colonies, in benefit of the Collective, which in turn had became greatly indebted toward the WK.CORP-.

As result of the war, the Augustinian government will later be toppled, and due the resentment against the mega corporations of the Nebulosa of Ots, the Goeliathian Federation will be able to capitalise these feelings:

Pandering the fear of the Corporations of the CONIN, of artificial intelligence, androids, robots and clones, they will form the Goeliathian Coalition:

While the Goeliathian would have preferred a more centralist organisation, precisely that was feared by the remaining members of the CCR and the unaligned Free Colonies.

However, this ideology excluded the Xe Normative and the Ovkorian Republic, former members of the CCR, and the Goeliathian considered that their only chance to become a significant power in Ots was to reunite all the former CCR, needing the armies and fleets of their local rivals, that felt threatened by the rising Goeliathian Coalition.  

Devart Sector War Edit

The Devart Sector War, known as well as the Goeliathian Wars was the gamble made by the Goeliathian Coalition to include the Stae and the Xe: both nations, ambitious wanted to expand and felt threatened by the Goeliathian Coalition: so instead, they offered in secret pacts for an hostile takeover of the whole Devart Space sector. While the details of the treaty were sketchy, the Xe and Stae entered into the Goeliathian Coalition and prepared for war in secret.

The Goeliathian Coalition knew that after the Rebellion of Clones, the CONIN corporate grip over Devart had weakened, and expected that a decisive surprise offensive would be enough to expel the CONIN, and once the hostile takeover was done, to pact from a position of power in front of the facts with the RFB, to be recognised their extended area of influence: only was needed the opportunity to act.

The Goeliathian military leadership will decide the opportunity was some skirmishes between Kasparov CIA and an unknown force later simply identified as The Khal.

Without consulting with the civilian leadership, the first initial strike was launched against the primary objectives in the Devart Sector, attacking as well some other targets of opportunity to distract from the Goeliathian objectives: these attacks where staged in such way that for the Goeliathian public opinion, it had been a case of aggression of the CONIN corporations.

With the population supporting a defensive war, was launched the invasion of the Free Colonies and Corporate Worlds of the Devart Sector.

While initially successful, the answer of the CONIN was more resolute than expected and war was brought to a bloody stalemate. The Coalition tried to break this stalemate funding terrorism and anarchist groups against corporate interests -with secret support of Azimuth Pharmaceuticals-. While these efforts were crowned with some success -preying on the anti-corporate feelings-, the collapse of the Ovkoria republic due internal turmoil and the Goeliathian takeover of Ovkoria and the CCR will determine the Goeliathian Coalition to retreat back to their own territory.

While the corporate forces had been exhausted in the war in the Devart Free Colonies -being the cost of continuing the war as non-profitable- was made the political move to drag into the war the EUS, that in its own was seeking to expand their power and influence in front of the hegemonic RFB.

The arrival of the expeditionary force of the EUS will mark the beginning of the invasion of the Goeliathian Space, advancing against the Goeliathian Federation, while a corporate force attacked instead Xe.

The Xe, having seen how the Federation took over Ovkoria was increasingly worried for their more immediate neighbour, and after a bitter fight will abandon the Goeliathian Coalition, in exchange for an increased zone of influence in post-war Devart Sector.

With Xe out of the war, the outer worlds of the Coalition falling into hands of the EUS expeditionary force -and their corporate auxiliaries- it seemed to be sealed the destiny of the Goeliathian Coalition:

But the the RFB, which considered the Devart Sector to be its backyard, gave an ultimatum to the EUS and CONIN corporations to stop their advances further into Goeliathia, warning that any further advance would be considered an aggression against the RFB itself.

As the RFB, EUS and CONIN sat down to discuss the future of the Goeliathian Coalition, the radicalised military leadership of the Goeliathian Federation left to unknown space, swearing to return in vengeance.

Dissolution Edit

As result of the New Zur Peace Conference, the Devart Space Sector was divided in three zones of influence: the Free Colonies of Devart came to be under EUS hegemony, along with some border worlds of the CCR and the Ovkorian worlds. Many of the core worlds of the Goeliathian Federation and numerous CCR colonies became instead Federal member states of the RFB, with a strong military presence -to face up insurgence and serve as a counter to EUS presence-, while the Xe had their sphere of influence doubled thanks to opportunely switching sides.

It was made as well a fragile economic agreement of a condominium between the Bazik Cartel, the Industrial Consortium and some of the Goeliathian corporations for the economical exploitation of the Devart Sector.

Peace was fragile, and a chaotic, often lawless situation rose in many of the worlds after the collapse of the Goeliathian Coalition.

Members Edit

Goeliathian Federation Edit

The Goeliathian Federation was the most populated and industrialised colony of the Devart Sector and of the Goeliathian Coalition, being considered their armed forces to be a local powerforce. Its capital was the world of Goeliathia, and the city of Garretta

Confederated Colonial Republics, C.C.R Edit

After the Treaty of Garretta, the CCR had become largely an ineffective political body, being an intergovernmental organisation tasked to promote international co-operation and to create and maintain international order. The member states provided -at their own accord- military support to the CCR, reason why the Federation would take over under the excuse to centralise the military effort.

Some of its member states were:

Republic of Augustinia Edit

Helgate Edit

Ovkorian Republic Edit

The Ovkorian Republic, formed as a "wrapping state" around the StaeCorp had a numerically large force. Being a corrupt military dictatorship benefiting the StaeCorp, it faced internal turmoil and at the news of the military defeat in the New Zur Space Dominion, riots will make the government collapse, situation seized by the Federation military leadership to take over Ovkoria and incorporate it into the Goeliathian Federation.

Among the Ovkori was common the use of augmentations.

Xe Normative Edit

The Xe Normative -sometimes officially the Kingdom of Xe- was originally a colony that supported cloning and suffered heavily due the impositions of the original CCR, reason why they would rebel. They based their military might in a large clone force they called "drones".

Free Colonies of Goeliathia Edit

Several of the Free Colonies, formerly members of the CCR, became members of the Goeliathian Coalition, either on their own or due coercion.

Non-governmental agents Edit

Fork Company Edit

The Fork Company was one of the largest, independent, local corporations of the Goeliathian Coalition.

Creator Edit

The Goeliathian Coalition was a faction made up in the moment by the deviantArt user Goeliath for a Role Play warfare game during 2014, taking the nations of his own science fiction project, "The Colonists" .

These nations and factions are directly based in his work, being loosely adapted to Ots -so far, without authorization, but in process of requesting it, so changes may apply-

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