The Gofochechsolovakian wars where a series of wars fought between Chechoslovakia and Gofondria, for the hegemony in the islands of Zean and as well in Zarhuy.

The first 6 wars will be fought in a quick sucession from 3293-3294, while the 7th Gofochechoslovakian war was fought within the context of the Fourth World War of Aiers -the Pentarchy War, 3295-3300 a.a.H-. The 8th Gofochechoslovakian war was fought in the 3308 a.a.H.


Chechoslovakia, while it had lost it colonies that had achieved in Zarhuy and Hin during the Third World War of Aiers -MW-UVA War 3276-3280 a.a.H-, as soon as the 3284, four years after they defeat, Chechoslovakia was again venturing, seeking for expansion as they annexed Dogascar, using as excuse the civil unrest, and Catán and Guzmanita, which will begin the serie of 9 Bazco-chechoslovakian wars (3284-3287, and then 3289-3300 ).

As they proyected once more time to their former Zarhuycan colonies, they advanced as well toward Hinbina (Popoa War, 3286) and the islands of Zean.

In the same time, Gofondria and the GOFFY party was on the rise on Southern Ushaenor, and proyected as well toward the islands of Zean and Zarhuy since the 3280 a GOFFY party seized the power in Sao Azil, with other conflicts in their expansion as the War of the Triple Alianza or TriptaGofon War (3292).

What happened is how Chechoslovakia and Gofondria clashed: Chechoslovakia used as an excuse to proyect itself to many of their former colonies the civil unrest that they where left after the III World War of Aiers, but this civil unrest had been used by GOFFY parties to seize power and constitute governments: and as these GOFFY government where overthrowned, they claimed for support toward Gofondria:

the zones of influence clashed, and so the war began, being fought two main campaigns, the campaign of Zarhuy, between the Zarhuycan GOFFY governments, supported by Sao Azil, against Chechoslovakia, and the Islands campaign, between Gofondria and the chechoslovakian.

Rather than a single war, the Gofochechoslovakian wars was a serie of conflicts, because of the diplomacy of Chechoslovakia. Chechoslovakia, fighting as well Bazikstan on that time and with animosity toward other of their neighbours, didn't wanted the war to escalate, so often when they had achieved a limited objective they signed a peace treaty. Gofondria, having been defeated, used the peace treaty as a moment to reorganize their forces, before returning to the assault at the next excuse, or being Chechoslovakia the one to break the treaty. However later, as Chechoslovakia was lossing, they tried as well doing a serie of peace treaties, peace treaties that no one respected.

The first, second and third wars where favorable to Chechoslovakian. However, in the fourth and fifth wars, the GOFFY where victorious.
During the Sixth war, once more Chechoslovakia was victorious, having achieved their objectives in Zarhuy and Zean. However with the fourth World War, the MW and the ALBA where able to get Gofondria and the GOFFY nations to support their side against the Pentarchy, being for Gofondria the WWIV a continuation war, or the seventh Gofochechoslovakian war. This would be the longest and largest Gofochechoslovakian war, and for 4 years, the Gofondrian pressed back the Chechoslovakian to Zean, until the landing of the Duck Beach.

With the forced retreat of the Gofondrian from the Duck Beach, and the collapse of the MW and the ALBA, Gofondria was forced to sign peace, returning to the situation previous to the one of the 7th war.

But the issue wasn't solved, and so 8 years later once more time Gofondria -and now, Chechoslovakia who had become the Ozean Empire- will clash again.

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