Gofondria, officially the GOFFY Republic of Gofondria (Repu'blica Goffyana e'  Gofondria), is a modern Aiers country situated in the northwest of southern Ushaenor, bordered to the northwest by Anana; to the east by Buenazuela and Sao Azil; to the south by Humaid and Erú and to the southwest with Licuador;  and it shares maritime limits with Macronesia, Milanesia, Ozeancik, San Pabla, Profunduras, Jamalia and Tonel. It is a federal, constitutional GOFFY Republic, comprising fourthy-two departments.

The territory of what is now Gofondria was originall inhabited by Beast peoples and elves during most of the fantasy age, until the arrival of the first ushaverican latavericans. After The Cataclysm, The Great Marraos -the lands the valley of the Marraos river, along with Kopeng (later Kondria)- will be a contested territory between Soldarmia and Sao Azil, place of common rebellions and civil wars, until it became part of the JPM, and afterwards, the Great Marraos was divided, the north occupied by Sao Azil, and the south by Soldarmia.

The independence of what will be Gofondria will began with the creation of the GOFFY guerrillas in southern Ushaenor, in Great Marraos, in the 3212, fighting a long civil war until at the 3239 a.a.H the GOFFY Guerrillas seized power of  Kondria, founding the republic of Gofondria -the land of the GOFFY-.

The revolutionary republic will continue their revolution to try to unify all the Great Marraos in Gofondria, and then to make the GOFFY revolution a continental one. This will make them clash with AANN, Sao Azil, Soldarmia, the MW and the Hidraulic Allliance in different occasions, which will make Gofondria join at the 3249 a.a.H the alliance of the Tris Tigris, between Bazikstan, Münzen and Gofondria, being later involved in the second world war of aiers, the Tris-Tigris-Hidraulic war. While this will be a momentary set back, the GOFFY revolutionaries will continue in their revolution, extending it to neighbouring countries and to Zean islands.

GOFFY guerrillas will seize power in Sao Azil at the 3280 a.a.H, which will mark the triumph of the GOFFY revolution in southern Ushaenor, before expanding to Zarhuy, Amparpica and Zean in the following decades, wich made Gofondria clash with Chechoslovakia, marking their involvement in the third and fourth world war of Aiers.

Because of their protagonic and leading role in the GOFFY movement and revolution, Gofondria -as lader nation of the GOFFY countries- will be one of the power of Aiers.

Gofondria is etnically diverse, its people descending from the original non-humans, lataverican Ushaverican inhabitants, later aelian colonsists, zarhuycans and Caritz inmigrants, all contributing to a diverse cultural heritage, which will become even more diverse with the arrival of representants of the global GOFFY revolution. This ethnic diversity has also been influenced by Gofondria's varied geopgraphy, and the imposing landscape of the country has resulted in the development of very strong regional identities. The majority of the urban centres where located in the highland sof the mountains, but gofondria as well encompassed rainforests, tropical grasslands and islands.

During it's existence, Gofondria will go from a middle power in Southern Ushaenor to one of the major powers of Aiers.  Its principal industries include oil, mining, chemicals, health related products, food processing, agricultural products, textile and fabrics, garments, forest products, machinery, electronics, military products, metal products, home and office material, construction equipment and materials, banking, financial services, software, IT services and the automotive industry.



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