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The Kingdom of Gorbegea, the Peninsula from Barlans

The Kingdom of Gorbegea was a Kanov Kingdom founded at the 2367 a.a.H during the Middle Human Age in the western Barlans.

Gorbegea will become one of the greater Kanov kingdoms of Aels, sucessor in their institutions of the Vakkusta Empire and the Kingdom of Nepper.

Gorbegea will rise to be the first among the Kanov nations in the Kanov Confederation, part of the Confederation of the Free Peoples, taking the leading role from Kanovait.

However, while originally a Kanov nation, they increasingly where influenced by humans, being as well there a numerous human inmigration in Gorbegea, and there will be many kanov-human descendants.

With the further christianization of the Kingdom, as Karentian christianity was adopted as officially religion of the Kingdom, Gorbegea will abandone the Dark Legion. This will put them at odds with other Aelian kanov nations, and the Gorbegeos will become alienated both to Kanovs, as they became christian, and among christian humans, as they where Kanov.

Later, Gorbegea will come to join the Holy Sargonic Empire, and during the Heressy of the Apostate, the King of Gorbegea, Sergei II, will claim the imperial throne for himself. However, defeated by carlos Alfonso IV and as well against the Blazakhov muslim armies, Gorbegea will abandone as well the Holy Sargonic Empire.



The Gorbegeos were orginally one tribe of the Andaï, a western Kanov Nations of the Steppes, that lived in the shores of the lake Andas. Descendants of the Vakkusta Empire, they where more sedentary than the other Kanov Nations of the Steppes, and needed farmlands as both their population began to grow, and they where more pressured by the Arraseos and the Yermenios, which will force the Andaï to migrate.

They first seeked to settle in the northwest, but in their advance teh Andaï horde will clash with the 2280 a.a.H against Sargos, their River Guard and Martin the Conqueror, being defeated. In the following decades, they attempted several times to cross to the western bank of the Osorio river, being defeated each time, and as well to settle down in the eastern bank -However, they will be attacked there by the River Guard of Sargos.

This made a branch of the Andaï to migrate to the southwest of the Barlans, to the Peninsula of the Giants of Gorbegea, where they will settle down.

There, they will settle around 2320 a.a.H down in Gorbegea, in the lands of the giants, the human and grey elven settlements of Begian and the former territories of the Kingdom of Nepper, of the Nepperianos.

From the union of the Andaï and the Nepperianos, will come to be the Gorbegeos, which called themselves as this as the inhabitants of Gorbegea, the Land of the Giants.

While there where lands to be cultivated and to be farmed, the Gorbegeos began to look to the more rich lands of the delta of the Barlans river, Dumian, and to the north, to the  Kingdom of Tardos, and the Gorbegean hordes will began to test their defenses, raiding the Hannian duchies and southern Tardos

-the needs of self defense of Botania, as they lacked royal protection against the Gorbegeos, will largelly be one of the catalysts of their independence into the Kingdom of Botania, at the 2338 a.a.H-

Each year, the Gorbegeos farmers will be doing raids of increasing importance -conquering as well the Hannian duchy of Bultr-, until the 2350 a.a.H, when they where defeated by the Duke of Hanovian in the Second Battle of the Bultr Bridge.

After this defeat, The Hannian duchies will become the Kingdom of Hannian, as a marche to defend against the Gorbegeos... who themselves, following the traditions of the Vakkusta and the Nepperianos, rather than of the tribes of the Barlans, will come to be Kingdom of Gorbegea, at the 2367 a.a.H

Kingdom of GorbegeaEdit

Gorbegea will be what was known as one of the Kanov Kingdoms of the seas, asNepper and Barcan before them, and the contemporary Luganos of Lug. They will become more dedicated to trade (and piracy), and will become seafaring people.

However, despise their sedentary lifestyle they had adopted and the seafaring traditions, they didn't abandoned the custom of the raids of the Kanov nations of the Steppes, and will continue to do so against their human -and Kanov- neighbors.

Gorbegea will come to take a part in the Sargonic wars (2407-2419 a.a.H), and later the kings of Gorbegea will lead a great raid across Central Aels, raid that reached Zannas, the capitol of the Principalty of Rudlofurr at the 2428 a.a.H, sacking and destroying the city. However, they where defeated in their return by the Purpurian of King Ludovic the Fearless.This defeat will mark the end of the Gorbegean age of raids.

The Gorbegean kings as well, fighting in Sargos, Hannian and the purple fields, will come to see with envy the power of the human kings, and will began to try to shape Gorbegea into the model of the northwestern Aelian Human Kingdoms, changing the elective dual kings they had for an hereditary monarchy, adaptations that where resisted.

Gorbegea in the Dark LegionEdit

  • 2.457 Human-Kanovs Chechoslovakos migrate to the plains of Anutkian
  • 2.460 Fundation of Chegarb by the Kanovs, in Ushaenor.
  • 2.468 Barbarians of El Yermo, allied with the demons
  • 2.493 Anuthook, great Demon, proclamate the secession of his lands -Anutkia- from the rest of the Dark Legion of Demons
  • 2.493 Beginning of the Anutkianhook war, between the separatist Anutkia and the rest of the Dark Legion
  • 2.494 Siege of Anutkian, Anutkianhook war
  • 2.495 Siege of Kuekker, Anutkianhook war
  • 2.521 Ne'Sargos conquer Chegarb, Momb and Keuta
  • 2.536 Kanov settlements in Ushaenor
  • 2.540 Kanov settlement of Chegarb in Ushaenor expand, conquering Keuta from Ne'Sargos
  • 2.542 Chegarb make an alliance with the Loranor kingdom and Drakonia
  • 2.542 Creation of the Kadralor Confederation (Kanov-Drakans-Loranor)
  • 2.543 Kadralor confederation attack posetions of Ne'Sargos
  • 2.543 The Great Plague appear in Aels, and will kill about 1/4 to 1/2 of the population. Elven populations suffer less the crisis, but because of this are blamed of the plage -as the demons- and some persecutions against them explode.
  • 2.546 Beginning of the war of Ne'Sargos.
  • conversion to christianism, abandoning the Dark Legion

Gorbegea in the Holy Sargonic EmpireEdit

  • 2.552 Gorbegea-Vakkusta war.
  • 2.555 End of the Gorbegea-Vakkusta war, Gorbegean victory
  • 2.557 Gorbegea become part of the Holy Sargonic Empire.
  • 2.565 Skirmishes between the Holy Sargonic Empire and the Caliphate of Blazakhov
  • 2.574 battle of St. Miliel. Beginning of the war between the Holy Sargonic Empire and the Caliphate of  the Orange Sun of Blazakhov.
  • 2.585 Camilo VIII of Sargos, new emperor of the Holy Sargonic Empire
  • 2.586 Camilo VIII make reforms to the Sargonic Christian church, causing irreconciliable divisions among the church. Due the critics, Camilo VIII the apostate kill the Pope and the main members of the Church
  • 2.587 The Bishop of Breims is elected as Pope, meanwhile Camilo VIII choose an anti-pope. Beginning of the Sargonic religious wars.
  • 2.588 Humans of the Sukkeses tribes arrive to Aels.
  • 2.589 Sergei II of Gorbegea self-proclamate himself Emperor of the Holy Sargonic Empire. Carlos Alfonso IV of Botania is crowned as emperor by the Pope, War of the Three Emperors, conflict within the Sargonic religious wars.
  • 2.589 Sukkes invaded and defeated by the Sargonic of Camilo VIII, who make an alliance with the Demons.
  • 2.590 Blazakhovian Empire invade Lug
  • 2.592 battle of Hanovian between Gorbegea and the self-proclaimed emperor of the Holy Sargonic Empire Sergei II of Gorbegea. Defeat of Sergei II of Gorbegea, who fall in battle against the Blazakhovian
  • 2.593 Gorbegeos resist the Blazakhovian invasion in the battle of Kievroi-rok.
  • 2.595 Beginning of the Gorbegean Sucession War. War of the Seven Brothers
  • 2.618 End of the Sucession war of Gorbegea. Ignacio Long Legs become king.
  • 2.620 Gorbegea-Sukkes war.
  • 2.626 Gorbegea-Botania war.
  • 2.629 End of the Gorbegea-Botania war. Gorbegean Victory, who conquest the south of Botania
  • 2.629 Gorbegea defeat the Blazakhovians in a quick campaign, annexing Hanovian
  • 2.633 Third War of the Power: The Dark Legion of the Demons, who have been preparing for long time, unleash their forces over the christian and muslim nations of
  • 2.673 After 40 years of bloody and savage war of the third war of the Power, much of Aels and parts of Hieyoks, Ushaenor and Zarhuy lay in ruins. The Holy alliance against the demons decide to launch their last forces in an offensive
  • 2.674 The remanents of the "holy alliance", who advanced after several battles, to the Holy mountain of the demons -a damned mount, according to humans- the Mount Satanmet in the Demonach island, use the relic seized during the Holy wars for Eden 175 years before, the night of the 31 of December, meanwhile a final battle was being fought
  • 2.675 Great Cataclysm, change of the surface of the world of Aiers: the "holy relic" was really the key for a terraforming device: in the resulting chaos, the demon lords of the dark legion dissapeared, as well most of their hordes… along with many civilizations and species, nations and empires, who will need years to recover and re-explore the world


  • Western Kanov, Andaï, Nepperianos, Barcan, Titanizk,
  • Half Kanov, haf human, the chercasios.
  • Humans, Momb, Krakavian, Botanian, Hannian, Dumian.
  • Grey Elves, Begian
  • Giants


Originally, the Gorbegeos had a sincretic religion, which mixed traditional Kanov animism with Vakkism, and with elements of the Cult of Demons.

However, under the influence of missionaries from Hannian and Botania, and with the migrations of humans, there will began to appear several christian communities, that will go from being prosecuted by the traditional gorbegean faith, to become majority and the official religion of the Kingdom, banning any other religion -and fighting a civil war with the pagans-.

Later, Gorbegea will be place of origin of several christian heresies.