The Gorbegeos were an ethnic western Kanov people native to western Barlans, who shared a common ancestry, culture, and history, speaking the Andaï Kanov language as their native language.

Ethnic OriginsEdit

The Gorbegeos were orginally one tribe of the Andaï, a western Kanov Nations of the Steppes, that lived in the shores of Lake Andas. Descendants of the Vakkusta Empire, they were more sedentary than the other Kanov Nations of the Steppes, and needed farmlands as both their population began to grow, and they were more pressured by the Arraseos and the Yermenios, which will force the Andaï to migrate.

Conflicts with Sargos and the River GuardEdit

They first sought to settle in the northwest, but in their advance the Andaï horde will clash with the 2280 a.a.H against Sargos, their River Guard and Martin the Conqueror, being defeated. In the following decades, they attempted several times to cross to the western bank of the Osorio river, being defeated each time, and as well to settle down in the eastern bank -However, they will be attacked there by the River Guard of Sargos.

The Gorbegean PeninsulaEdit

This made a branch of the Andaï to migrate to the southwest of the Barlans, to the Peninsula of the Giants of Gorbegea, where they will settle down.

Peoples of GorbegeaEdit

There, they will settle around 2320 a.a.H down in Gorbegea, in the lands of the giants, the human and grey elven settlements of Begian and the former territories of the Kingdom of Nepper, of the Nepperianos.

New Ethnicity and CultureEdit

From the union of the Andaï and the Nepperianos, will come to be the Gorbegeos, which called themselves as this as the inhabitants of Gorbegea, the Land of the Giants.

Attempts at ExpansionEdit

While there were lands to be cultivated and to be farmed, the Gorbegeos began to look to the more rich lands of the delta of the Barlans river, Dumian, and to the north, to the  Kingdom of Tardos, and the Gorbegean hordes will began to test their defenses, raiding the Hannian duchies and southern Tardos

-the needs of self defense of Botania, as they lacked royal protection against the Gorbegeos, will largely be one of the catalysts of their independence into the Kingdom of Botania, at the 2338 a.a.H-

Each year, the Gorbegeos farmers will be doing raids of increasing importance -conquering as well the Hannian duchy of Bultr-, until the 2350 a.a.H, when they were defeated by the Duke of Hanovian in the Second Battle of the Bultr Bridge.

Formation of New KingdomsEdit

After this defeat, The Hannian duchies will become the Kingdom of Hannian, as a marche to defend against the Gorbegeos... who themselves, following the traditions of the Vakkusta and the Nepperianos, rather than of the tribes of the Barlans, will come to be the Kingdom of Gorbegea, at the 2367 a.a.H.

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