Orc Kaiehm warrior

A green orc of Kaiehm

K A I E H M,Viridi Orcii  




Other names: Green orcs.  

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons 

Kaiehm are goblinoids of the orc family, originally from the continent of Zarhuy.  The Kaiehm green orcs are supposed to be the most ancient race of orcs, who migrated from southern Zarhuy to the north: and while they migrated, and their groups were divided while in prehistory, it is hypothesized that the other orc races appeared from this early splintering.  

The Kaiehm Green orcs are so called because of the Mountain of Kaiehm, in Zarhuy, the tallest mountain of Aiers, where according to the green orc legends, their gods created the first orcs, giving them the world to be masters of.  The Green orcs that live in Aels, Hieyoks and Zarhuy, are divided into three main groups:  The Polforian green orcs, from Northern Aels-are in general taller and with longer limbs-, the Kaiehm green orcs-in general shorter- from southern Aels, western Hieyoks and central and northern Zarhuy, and finally the Gronkav, from southern Zarhuy. 

Polforian Green OrcEdit

Orc Polforia infantryorc

A female infantry orc of Polforia

The Polforian Green orcs are from Northern Aels, and in general are taller and with longer limbs than the Gronkav and Kaiehm green orcs.

They were hunted down and pursued by elves during their expansion, pushed inland and to the more hostile lands, this is a reason why they harbored anger toward the elves. Later, they will often join or be coerced by the Galaw High Orcs around the V century.

Later, against Kanovs and humans they will suffer more defeats: So when the demons appeared to them, they quickly converted to the religion of the demons, being an important part of the Dark Legion -as vassals, servants and workers.

Kaiehm Green OrcEdit

the Kaiehm Green orcs extended from Southern Aels to the plains of Central Zarhuy, being from the shortest kinds of Orcs.

Gronkav Green OrcEdit

The green orcs from Southern Zarhuy, Gronkav, supposedly they are the orcs more similar to the proto-orcs.

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