Grey elf moonguard by shabazik-d5ot131

Grey elf soldier of the Moon Guard, Dol-Sorne

G R E Y E L F Cinereo elvii

Race: Grey Elf

Class: Rossnes Light Elf

Species: Elf

Other names: Silver elves, Argenta elfs, Decadent Elfs, Serf Elfs, Slave Elfs, elves of the Setting Sun, Sunset elves

Allegiance: Empire of Whide Axis

Grey elf DescriptionEdit

The Grey Elves are a race of Rossnes light elves who lived in Aels. This is a purely cultural designation, and originally referred to any "former" people of the High elves who colonized Aiers who had been conquered or otherwise fallen under the rule of humans or kanov. The only physical distinction is that the High elves who colonized most of these fallen colonies were Silver High Elves and tended to have dark hair.

Eventually, the term would be corrupted to include all Rossnes elves who had fallen under the rule of humans or kanov kingdoms or lords in Aels.

Grey elf HistoryEdit

The elves that will later become known as the Grey elves were originally High elves from Ushaenor, who during the late Elfic Age settled down in the eastern shores of Aels.

After the Elven wars, between the Light High and the Dark Hake Elves in Ushaenor, the triumphant High elves forged an Empire called the Empire of Whide Axis, a loose federation of High elf kingdoms under only nominal rule of an Emperor, with what they thought was the divine destiny to bring the light of civilization to the world.

When the High elves expanded to Aels, Zarhuy and Hieyoks, many groups of High elves chose to migrate to the new kingdoms and colonies, and in the case of Aels, the high elf migrants where mostly from the Silver High Elves.

The Silver elves were High elves from eastern Ushaenor -as opposed to the western Golden elves-, originally from Shevael, Skrable, Chegarb and Keuta: Some of the high elf territories that suffered most in the HakeHigh Elf wars, scenes of long campaigns and occupation:

Because of this, the Golden High Elves often suspicious of the Silver High Elves, calling them cowards -and sometimes traitors- and of having mudblood -Hake elf ancestors-. Due to the destruction of the war, a bad economic and agrarian situation in their homelands and the segregation made by the Golden high elves, the Silver elves chose then to cross the ocean, to Aels.

They will conquer, with blood and iron, the Sylvan, Unnlinne and Mountain elven Hebonnor kingdoms, in the name of the High Elf civilization, destroying and pushing the Beast men and dwarves, expanding the reach of the Empire of Whide Axis.

They founded then kingdoms and colonies, like Mithrin'Tol (Liohn) and the Four Kingdoms of Akresh in the Alan Isles , The realms of the northwest carved from the former Rossnes elven Empire of Aiesec in Aiea, as Cairn'Hayrn in Aiesec, Tol'Norsa (Lug) and Dol-Sorne in central Aels, and the kingdoms of the east, as Dirith, carved from the lands of the former Rossnes empires of Malvor and Montthafen, among many others:

They subjugated the local populations, or forced them to flee, advancing to the "natural borders" of mountain ranges, steppes and deserts, where the sylvan, mountain and flairie elves, orcs and dwarves where capable of stopping the advance of the Empire of Whide Axis.

However, after that, and once their borders were consolidated -mostly- the High elves would live a short lived period of prosperity. that will end abruptly with the end of the Elf Age, and the migrations of the Galaw orcs first, and then of the Kanovs and later humans into Aels.

Despite the power and might of the Silver High Elves states of the Rising Sun -(the collective name for the high elf provinces of Aels), one by one, one after another, all of them, were conquered.

Only Liohn and Dol-Sorne remained independent for longer time, on their island and peninsula, but eventually they were as well conquered, by the already rising Human kingdoms of Western Aels.

It was then, when the High elves of Ushaenor forgot and abandoned their brethren in Aels. The settlers of the Rising Sun, under human or Kanov rule, were seen then as inferior, decadent and lesser than other High elves: Shadows of the past, Elves of the Setting Sun, servants and vassals of humans, serfs... Grey elves of the Sunset.

With the centuries however, more than a cultural differentiation or a distinctive civilization, the term "grey elf" became the name to all Rossnes elves who had fallen under Human rule -as the rossnes elves under demon rule were "Blood elves"-.

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