Härps-Izil, alternatively known as Här-Ïziel, The City of Harpies or as well known as The Perch, The Nest or the Stone Nest was a Harpy Settlement in the Corridor of Winds, being the only existing example of a harpy city.

Normally, harpies only built small nests, being of temporary nature and materials, and while some areas had continued Harpy population, few times they could be considered settlements. While Harpies were known to use ruins built by others, normally they were only using existing structures, at most modifying them for their own use -which often was more linked to destroy accesses for people who couldn't fly, rather than to build new things.

Härps-Izil was exceptional in this regard, as was a structure purposely built for Harpies -but not by harpies-.

As the great flocks of the Queen of the Wind prospered around the 400-350 b.a.H, from their looting, raiding and taxing mountain trade routes from their perches, the Queen of the Wind, using the loot of their depredations, having seen the Halls of the Dwarven Mountain Kings and the elves, decided to hire the services of crafts-dwarves to build her a stone palace.

By the 352 b.a.H, Dwarfs will begin to build of Härps-Izil: with numerous interruptions, the initial dwarven structure of Harps-Izil will be finished after some 80 years of work, around the 270 b.a.H. Built on top of a colossal stone spire, the dwarves -who had to be brought flying by the harpies-, rather than to build over the stone spire, carved it on the spire itself.

Later, work will be intermittent, with additions done by hired dwarven, orcish and mountain elven workers, adding further structures and caverns.

Untouchable in their mountain perches, the High elves saw in the Harpies a defiant enemy they couldn't reach -in a similar way to the Car'Haad-, so they would instead decide to use the Car'Haad against the harpies and their natural animosity, forming the "Old Alliance" between High Elves and Car'Haad.

The rise of the rival Car'Haadi Kingdom of the Skies in the Corridor of the Winds will mean the end of the golden age of Harps-Izil, as the smaller flocks of harpies were hunted down by the Car'Haad: without the smaller, tributary flocks, the power of Harps-Izil declined, being finally attacked by the Car'Haad around the 70 b.a.H.

Harps-Izil remained abandoned for a couple of centuries -except occasional occupation by smaller flocks of harpies, Car'Haad and a couple of dragons-, until the Age of Invasions brought the collapse of the Galaw-Hebonnor Kingdoms of Galawkey and Galaradaan -by then, patrons of the Car'Haad.

With the weakened Car'Haad, one more time harpy flocks settled in a permanent way in Härs-Izil, but only occupying partially, being a fraction of the population of old.

The resurgence of Harps-Izil will come with the arrival of Demons, as the Bazrrod demon lords Asherr and Astartoth, in the body and form of a Harpy Queen and Harpy King respectively, arrived at Harps-Izil around the 2150, claiming it for the Dark Legion and the title of Queen and King of the Wind for themselves, bringing the harpies of Polforia and northern Nohalion into the fold of the Dark Legion of Demons.

With the help of demons, the population of Harps-Izil, as the capital of the harpies greatly expanded, as the structure itself, to house the flyers of the Dark Legion.

However, the opportunity of counting harpies as allies for the Demons, will become a problem, as dragged the Car'Haad in conflict with the united harpies and the Dark legion in the Car'Haadhook war (2183-2188), that gravely depleted the ranks of harpies, who will see their role in the First War of the Power diminished.

With the defeat of the Dark Legion, Harps-Izil was again abandoned, Asherr and Astartoth leaving to hide away from Car'Haad and Battleborn: however, this time it would be for a shorter period, and about 80 years after the end of the first war of the power -around the 2300 a.a.H-, once more Harpies nested in the Stone Perch.

Attacked several times during the Second War of the Power, Harps-Izil will be finally destroyed at The Cataclysm.

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