Asbaran hake archer by shabazik-d5nfat2

A Hake Dark elf archer from the Kingdom of Asbaran

H A K E Amissa hyacinthis elvii

Race: Hake

Class: Zuleis, Dark Elf

Species: Elf

Other names: Hake, Hake Hook, Hake of Doom, Dark Elf, Cursed Elf, Blue elf.

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

Hake DescriptionEdit

The Hakes are a race of Zuleis dark elves who lived in Ushaenor. They were commonly small elves with blue skin or greyish blue skin, with variable colored hair from very light to dark.

Hake HistoryEdit

The Zuleis -the blue elves- lived originally, like the other elves, in the original elven homeland, Polforia: However, in the events that was called by the hake oral tradition as the Wars of the Gods, that meant a series of natural disasters, catastrophes, climatic changes and geomorphic changes, gave the determination to one of these zuleis elf tribes to migrate, leaving their homeland.

Around the 23.500 before the Apparition of Humanity, (b.a.H), the Zuleis migrated, crossing Hieyoks and finally settling in Ushaenor.

The domestication of cattle, and as well, acquiring the rudiments of agriculture around the 16.000 b.a.H, caused the zuleis of Ushaenor to become sedentary, beginning to develop more of their material culture.

Because of this, around the 14.000 b.a.H, the Hakes settlements began to become villages and small cities, becoming the society more complex, and being the first elves to not only practice, but study, the arcane arts.

The Hakes are as well known for being the ones who began the Historic times, being the creators of the first elven writing system, around the 13.500 b.a.H.

Between the 13.500 to the 5.500 before the Apparition of Humanity, during the early and middle age of elven hegemony, the Hake Dark Elf nations expanded in Ushaenor, founding empires and advancing their knowledge in all fields, being specially renowned for their study of the arcane arts:

Around the 5.500 to the 5.000 b.a.H, Skarbael the Conqueror, a dark elf king of Alesdale, unified the Hake Dark Elf kingdoms in the Hake Empire, beginning the golden age for the Hake civilizations.

With the Hakes united, soon they began to expand over the northern Rossnes -the High elves-, making them into vassals of the Hake Empire, taxing them around the 4.500 b.a.H.

However, while the Hakes had seen past their golden age, the dynamic civilizations of the High elves expanded, threatening the hegemony of the Hakes, who fearful, began to increase their taxes and pressure over their powerful vassals, to try to keep them from being in position to challenge their preeminence.

However, despite this, the High elves continued to expand, and by the 3.000 b.a.H the Hake Empire tried to stop the growing power of the High Elf kingdoms, causing disputes, conflicts and wars between them, using their position over their vassals, their spies and ambassadors, to divide the High elves and put one against the other.

But these activities weren't completely ignored by the High elves, and slowly began to increase among them a sentiment against the dark elves, and while still divided by the conflicts created by the Hakes, some high elf kingdoms began to prepare to rebel against the Hake Empire:

Finally, around the year 1.000 b.a.H, began the Elf-Hakes elfic wars.

During the two first centuries and half of the war, the Hake empire advanced with their might over the High elves: but the large battles meant a heavy toll to the Hake Empire, and the operations of combat reduced in intensity, until finally around the 850 b.a.H, ended the Hakes offensive phase of the wars, beginning the expansion phase of the High elves (now organized into the Empire of Whide Axis).

During the brutal war that followed, the High elves were driven by hunger for vengeance: 3/4 of all the hake population died, in a brutal total war.

Slowly, the Hakes were pushed further to the south of Ushaenor, and by the Apparition of Humanity, they were cornered in the southwest of Ushaenor, to Alesdale, Asbaran and Fadions, only waiting for the final push of the Empire of Whide Axis.

But then, with the Age of Invasions, and the fall of the high elf colonies and kingdoms of Zarhuy, Aels and Hieyoks, the Hakes were given a precious time, that they used to reinforce their positions, and even launch some offensives with limited success, but securing the survival of their civilization, in the campaigns of Exemig.

After that, the Elven-Hake wars were considered to have ended with a stalemate, and while war will continue to be intermittent, it wasn't until the Second War of the Power, when the Hakes, contacted by the Dark Legion of Demons to face their common enemy of the Empire of Whide Axis, that the war began again in full force, playing the Hakes an important role as allies of the Dark legions of Demons:

Signed the treaty at the 2.466 of the human age, the demons provided support for the foundation of several new Hake cities in Hieyoks and Aels, being especially important the foundation in 2.476 of Zaghäl, the City of the Wicked: A dark elf -and mostly Hake- demonic state in Polforia.

From their bases in Hieyoks, Aels and Polforia, the Hakes will make several attacks against the High elves and Empire of Whide Axis, the dark elf king of Zaghäl becoming one of the main commanders of the Dark Legion, being one of the four contenders during the War of the Four Black kings, the succession war within the Dark Legion. (2536-2539).

As well, Zaghäl will later play an important role in the third and final war of the power (2633-2675).

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