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"The Major" Hannah Kyung-Parr of the Militen Aquila Aurea. (age 25 upon first year of existence of MAA)

"The Major," Hannah Kyung-Parr is the second-in-command of the mercenary group Militen Aquila Aurea, or Soldiers of the Golden Eagle, and is one of the three (or four) founders of the MAA.  She is also the principal advisor to, and wife of, "Colonel" Relus Parr.


As compared to her husband Relus and good friend Auzten, Hannah was born a privileged woman from an established RFB lineage of officers.  As the first-born in her family, she was also expected to enlist and commission as soon as she turned of age.  Without question, she did, and immediately excelled.  It was the job she was born to do.  However life proved taxing as her path to the top officer spot was hindered by her fellow officers.  She had discovered that in most categories she was being beaten by the uncouth, unorthodox, and rather unrefined Relus Parr, a "no-name nobody" as she coined it.  What made matters worse was how Relus was seemingly uncaring in half his duties yet continued to outwit the more brusque and straightforward Hannah even though he was just a simple conscript.  Relus and her graduated at the first and second of their class respectively and despite his olive branch offered upon their transfer to the SGI special operations branch of the RFB Armed Forces, she still bore the grudge of not getting the top honors for several years.  However that would all change when on a colony assault mission her platoon had been caught in an ambush from hostile forces loyal to the RFB's enemies, the LCP.  With her platoon already at 50% casualties, it looked like she and her men and women would be cut down in mere minutes.  However in a crushing counterattack, another SGI platoon arrived to rescue her platoon.  Both forces then swiftly defeated the LCP element.  It had turned out that the platoon that rescued her beleaguered forces was led by none other than Relus Parr.  Despite her initial grumblings, the two formed a valuable friendship that as a few more years progressed turned into love.  They both married at age 23 and since then established themselves as a formidable couple in the SGI forces.

However things would end up different than others expected, the two along with Auzten Wilg (and perhaps the mysterious "Biller") becoming disillusioned with the constant warfare and atrocities caused by the RFB.  A year after their marriage, they managed to sneak away from one of the capital bases and settle upon the abandoned world of Vaidosa in the Svear star system, Auzten pulling a few strings with contacts in the system to safeguard their journey.  Despite rough times in the beginning, she and Relus worked hard to formulate a mercenary group dedicated to doing things their way and no longer forcing themselves to be at the beckon call of any mainstay force or have their hands forced into any action they deemed unacceptable.  Thus the Militen Aquila Aurea (Soldiers of the Golden Eagle), mercenary group was formed.  The couple along with Auzten swiftly recruited war-weary or rogue soldiers while carefully screening those they'd suspect of betrayal.  Pacts were formed with the Mercenary Guilds in Ots to also safeguard their business.  As long as the RFB wouldn't bother with Vaidosa, the MAA would be safe to conduct its business.  For forty years the MAA kept this going and engaging in the Nebulosa's most significant wars, notably the Rebellion of the Clones to which they had fought against, fought for, and even recruited many clones who desired freedom or freelance.  Hannah and Relus are still married to this day.


Hannah has always had a rough exterior but has unexpectedly developed a rather maternal approach towards many of the mercenary additions to the MAA, especially in her later years.  However she isn't the doting mother who meticulously looks after each one of her subordinates.  Where Relus has had the patient and steady hand, Hannah is true to her roots and instead a "tough love momma" that has earned her the respect, love, and most certainly fear of the entirety of the MAA.

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