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The Kingdom of Hannian

The 'Kingdom of Hannian ' (or alternatively, Kingdom of Hanovian or Hannovian) was a Human monarchy in western Aels. While it was founded at the 2.353 a.a.H, the nucleus of the Hannian state will be the Dukedom of Hanovian.

The Kingdom of Hannian included the five Hannian duchies -the two main ones, Hanovian and Barcan-, and sometimes they extended their influence over Bultr and Lug. At the height of their power, the Grey Elves duchies of Dol-Sorne and Grisel will be their vassals.



The Hannian were weseuros that settled down in northern Dume at the 1605 a.a.H. as allies of the Northern Dumian empire, as an attempt to use them as a buffer state by the Dumian against the early Dark legion, and they will fight alongside the Dumian in the Battle of the Hannian fields at the 1651 a.a.H.

However, after the Fall of Dume at the 1676 a.a.H, there will be a series of invasions and fights for power, and the Hannians -who invaded Dumia at the 1688- will try to re-found the Dumian Empire, creating the short lived Hannian-Dumian Empire of Christaric I, that only will last to the 1712. After this failure and a chaotic succession, will be created the Kingdom of the Hannians at the 1789 a.a.H.

The King was traditionally elected by the highest-ranking aristocrats, the dukes, and all attempts to establish a hereditary dynasty failed. The kingdom was divided into a varying number of duchies, ruled by the semi-autonomous dukes, which were in turn subdivided into city states.

For long, the Hannian and Dumian dukes will fight each other, with frequent invasions of the Southern Dumian Empire, the Empire of Uslen.

The Hannian gradually adopted Dumian titles, names and traditions in the south, and only remained elements of the Hannian language, dress and hairstyles in the north.

Later, the Hannian duchies will become a battlefield for the Cruzeños and the Unlic Empire of Uslen from the 2038 until 2173, with many Hannian duchies falling under Cruzeños kingdoms.

These small Cruzeños kingdoms, Hannian and Dumian duchies will be as quick to fall in the First War of the Power, as the Five Kingdoms of the Weseuros had fallen.

After the war, the dukes will return to their conflicts and divisions, with contacts to the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest and Uslen.

However, as Uslen was weakened and distracted with their wars with Blazakhov in Caritz, and as the raids of the Kanovs of El Yermo became stronger, menacing all the duchies of the Hannian, Dumian and Grey Elves, the Duke of Hanovian, the northernmost of all the duchies of Hannian, will have to lead an alliance to repel an invasion of the Gorbegean Kanov in battle, defeating them in the Second battle of the Bultr Bridge, at the 2350 a.a.H.

This military success will leave Duke Christopher I to become King Christopher I of Hannian, of the Kingdom of Hannian.

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