Hattak spearfaun by shabazik-d5tgxzp

A Hattak Spearfaun of Faunnekash

H A T T A K, Faunus Daemonii Servus

Race: Hattak

Class: Faun

Species: Daemoni

Other names: Faun, Satyr

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

The Hattak are satyr folk, bred by the Demon Lord Satman the Apprentice in the depths of his fortress in the unholy mountain of Hortann, as an experiment to raise them as soldiers -being in that role antecessors of the Ur Dur Goblins.


Varied AppearancesEdit

There existed several types of Hattaks: being from mixed origins, their apparence varied greatly, existing several subraces, as more than one breeding experiment was undertaken, hence there are some considerable differences between one Hattak and another. In general, they had a humanoid head and torso, horns and goat legs. Some had demon tails, or goat tails, and some were covered in hair, while others weren't. As well, some had goat eyes, while others didn't.

There were for example the giant Mastontos, with humanoid legs rather than goat ones, while other breeds looked liked imps or goblins with tails, horns and goat legs: Some as small as said goblins, others as tall as orcs, and the Mastontos were of the size of ogres. As the first demon created servitor race to be created, and the first to escape, they have had the most time to mix and diverge in breeding amongst each other and other races. Adding to the mix were the later demon creations of the Ur Dur goblins that they also competed with and bred with, so many appearances are possible.


The bulk of their population was to be found in southern Aels, usually in the mountains, usually in the east, particularly in the less settled areas of the Southern Nohalion Mountain range. Some were to be found living at various places along the Sea of Tok at various times in history. Some lived in Polforia, mostly in the demon State of Dbejor.

Role in the Dark LegionEdit

It is unknown precisely what the demons were trying to accomplish in their creation, as they are not their most fearsome creation. But it should be noted that most of the demon created races and the bulk of the Dark Legion of Demons bred soldiers were not terribly fearsome. They were going for quantity rather than strength or fearsomeness it would seem. Surely the Hattak are quick and spry as well as fast breeders and able to tolerate hardships, they were rejected by the demons more for their anarchic natures than for any other shortcoming.

Varied RolesEdit

The Hattak were really a category of different creations than any one specific race.

  • Some Hattak were more 'faun-like' and were meant for more light attack or servile roles.
  • Others, more large or 'satyr-like' may have been intended to be more along the lines as line infantry.
  • The giant Mastontos were clearly meant to be shock troops.
  • More devil-like Hattak with perhaps imp features or long pointed tails might have been meant to be field officers.

Having Soul ShardsEdit

Like Werewolf folk, the hattak have demonic soul shards used in their creation, unlike a Werewolf, most hattak lost their ability to utilize magic a long time ago, while werewolves have their magic ability focused on their transformation process. It is possible that the hattak might have various elf-like abilities, such as a longer than expected lifespan, resistance to disease, and quicker recovery. These are not bad attributes to have in the field, and many of the Hattak attributes would have been useful as light field soldiers in 'flying columns', but that role would be well filled by Werewolf warpacks.

Also like a Werewolf, the Hattak are considered to be minor daemons. This might explain why the free hattak tribes would continue to be influenced and worshipful towards the Dark Legion of Demons?


As noted, the Hattak are a demon created servitor race. They are the first attempt of the Dark Legion of Demons at designing and breeding a new race.


Since the Wars of the Age of Invasions, when the demons faced large human nations, as the north and south Dumian empires, or the Vakkusta.-, they were victorious, but had severe casualties and losses: and so, they needed servants and soldiers.

Satman, the Apprentice, who settled in Hortann, defiling the sacred place for elves into the unholy Mountain.

There, mixing several species and races, he bred, thanks to the dark arts, the Hattak or satyrs, at the 1820 After the Apparition of Humanity.

They were the first attempt at creating servers by the Apprentice, and being from mixed origins, their appearance varied greatly, existing several sub-races. In general, they had a humanoid head and torso, horns and goat legs. Some had demon tails, or goat tails, and some where covered in hair, while others weren't. As well, some had goat eyes, while others didn't.

However, the free spirited and anarchist satyrs, fauns and Hattaks resulted in being considered a failure by their creator, who looked for a replacement, and to breed a new creature.


Because of that, many Hattak, fearful and wanting to be free, escaped from the pits of Hortann at the 1886 a.a.H., going to the north, trying to escape from the shadow of their master, who didn't bother to hunt down the deserters, who settled in Enkel. Perhaps the demon lord wanted to see what they would do on their own, or expected them to clash and weaken races and states opposed to the Dark Legion of Demons?

However, as the Hattaks looked for a place for their own, they clashed with the human and kanovs of Enkel, who defeated the Hattak completely in 1889 a,a,H. in the battle of Kolderspontik-Week, pushing them further to the north.

Tribal KingdomsEdit

At the 1895 a.a.H., the satyr settled to the north of Enkel, in Hattak and Faunnekash, creating their small tribal kingdoms, who later often would fight each other for almost a century.

Soldiers for the Dark Legion of DemonsEdit

But as their population grew, and influenced by their creator -because while they feared and escaped him, they worshiped the demons as their gods-. So the Hattak were used to fight a proxy war for Hortann, against the human kingdom of Purpurian. One must wonder if they actually escaped from Hortann at all?

The Hattak-Purpurian war was short living, lasting only from 2101 to the 2102 a.a.H, resulting in a complete Hattak defeat that forced them to retreat back to their mountains.

During the Great War of the Power, they served the legions of the Unholy Mountain of Hortann, and after the defeat of the Dark Legion of Demons, the Hattak once more had to run to the hills.


But with the other creation of Satman the Apprentice, the Ur Dur cave goblins, the Hattak found a fierce competition for the role of being the troublesome and destructive race in the eyes of their humanoid enemies. The Ur Dur would prove to be faster breeding, more numerous and stubborn in their encroachments than the Hattak were, much to the dismay of humans, Kanovs and elves--and also the Hattak.

The Ur Dur would also breed sometimes with the Hattak, and gradually infiltrate and dilute their already 'mixed bag' gene pool that way as well.

Slowly, the fauns lost their importance and danger, aside to their immediate neighbors. They continued to serve several smaller demon lords, but in general, they were replaced by orcs and goblins in military or servile roles.

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