The March of Haut was one of the Northern Marches of Huncle, founded during the Dark Age of Demons in the middle course of the Arg river, in a process of division of the March of Argia in three distinctive marches -Argia, Haut and Passage-

As the settlements along the Arg River flourished, the blooming boroughs of Haut feel that the Guardian of Argia, the ruler of Argia didn't represented their interests. While in general the Hunclech monarchy wasn't too keen in supporting the Boroughs against the high nobility, as the powerful Guardian of the North attempted ro rebel against Hunclech rule durinng the Five Warring Kingdoms period, the Hunclech monarch decided to divide Argia to better control it, hoping the divided marches would be able to counter-check each other, and thus avoid them to be used as plataform to a pretender of the throne.

Haut was renown for their sheep and wool trade -and later, textile production-, and while there was a Marquess of Haut, he depended largelly on the support of the town councils and guilds.

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