The Fortress of Helgast was for long, one of the stronger border fortifications of the amazon Queendom of Priva to the lands of the tribes: amazons of the lowlands and the highlands; the tribes of Helzar.

Well garrisoned, for long Helgast was key in the frontier-relations, between the Privean settlements and the fractured tribal nations of the Helzar, who were known to fight amongst themselves and have no recognized leadership. Their struggles have made them hardy but also hostile towards their more fortunate Privean neighbors.

Prior to the war, the more aggressive Helzar clans would raze settlements along the frontier, creating a reputation for the Helzar as ravenous, brutal raiders not to be taken lightly, which determined the Priveans to increase their military presence on their borderlands: which will prove to be fortunate, as the amazon tribes of Helzar gathered under the rule of a king, which led them into the First Priva-Helzar war.

While the King of the Helzar and his tribes were defeated, the menace of the Helzar will be anything but dispersed, as a new figure appeared within the Helzar clans: Empress Ursus.

With the appearance of Empress Ursus, a new 'Helzar Empire' had arose, an empire that will proceed to invade Priva, beginning the Second Priva-Helzar war, which will see the fall of Priva.

After the fall of the Primean Queendom, the Fortress of Helgast will be garrisoned by the Helreign forces of the Helzar Empire, used to control the newly acquired imperial provinces.

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