Cropped Hellhound by shabazik-d3ecppt

A Demonic Hellhound (Type I). A Lesser Demon Similar to a Kattalka of Animal Intelligence and Instincts

H E L L H O U N D, Canis Celer Daemonii

Race: Lesser Demon

Class: Demon

Species: Daemoni

Other names: Demon Dog, Hunter, Digging Demon, Demon Animal, Alien Animal

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

Hellhounds (type I) are a lesser demon, created by the Bazrrod -the demon lords- to serve them by using a small soul shard in a creation. Much like the Naga, there is a second type of "hellhound" that is similar to a Golem, but differs in being a temporary creation known as an Abomination made without a true Soul Shard.

General descriptionEdit

Hellhounds are a type of demon: created in a similar way as Imps and Kattalka. However the difference is that, while Imps and Kattalka have a "person" type of intelligence, a Hellhound is an "animal demon".

As Imps and Kattalka, they came in all sort of varieties, but in general were four legged -in general: there are some with 6 legs, for example. Some agile and silent like great cats: lions, tigers, leopards, others larger and stronger than bulls, others more like dogs in size and strength, and so on.

Role in the Demonic Dark LegionEdit

They were very important in the First Dark Legion, because they were the easiest demon to produce to their demon lords, needing only a very small fragment of a soul shard. However, later on, their roles will be largely replaced with other creatures such as Wargs, werewolf(ves), Quags and so on.

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