The Kingdom under the Mountain of Helmed was a dwarven (Dwarf) underground realm beneath the northwestern mountains of Aels. Named after their capital and more important city -the Mines of Helmed-, Helmed was one of the most important northern dwarven kingdoms.

Pre Great WarEdit

Helmed, an ancient dwarven kingdom, resisted the invasions of Orcs, Dragons, High elves, High Orcs Galaw), Humans and Kanovs, and later as well, against Demons (Daemoni) before the First War of the Power, during which they had to forge a functional alliance with humans and elves against the Confederation of Free Peoples

Later History and DevelopmentsEdit

After the First War of the Power, the Kingdom of Helmed laid claim to many of the wild lands between the Northern Dargoina Mountains and the Alan Ocean, south of Navatiak and north of the Northern Marches. However, their power over this region was largely nominal: however, many human settlers asked for permission from the dwarves to settle in these regions, prospering from the trade with the dwarves.

While the Helmed Dwarves were a very isolated and reclusive people of a patriarchal culture that had little contact with other people, with their mines closed to anybody else -and being banned to teach their language written or spoken to foreigners-, the Dwarven kings of Helmed did play a role in international politics: Helmed will be part of the human-elven alliance during the First War of the Power, and had alliances and contacts with the later Order of Nortender, participating as well in the Second War of the Power in the Northern campaigns; with the passing of the centuries, and playing a role in the War of the Powers siding with the Empire of Whide Axis, forced them to slowly open up more, but still were a conservative and closed society.

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