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Helmed Heavy Infantrydwarf, a woman with a false beard under the heavy armor

The Helmed Dwarfs, are the northernmost dwarves, from Hieyoks and Aels, specially near the Hieyokscream Sea.



The Helmed Dwarfs are generally light haired and light skinned. They are especially noted for their beards, as much as any dwarven race. Perhaps, in part, because their size makes their beards all the more imposing. They are considered the tallest and largest of the northern Dwarfs, with the culturally and ethnically similar Fronhost Dwarfs being their only rivals in stature in the north, and only the generally obscure and unknown (to the north) Stiel Duergar of southern Zarhuy being clearly taller and larger. The Stiel Duergar sometimes being discounted for suspicion of not being 'true' dwarfs.

A Helmed Dwarf male averaging 140 cm in height, females being just a little shorter.


The Helmed Dwarfs are a very isolated and reclusive people, a patriarchal culture living almost only underground, having as well minimal contact with other people, their mines are closed to anybody else, and having a prohibition to teach their language -written and spoken- to foreigners.

When outside of their mines, the few adventurers who left their fortress and mines, they did so only for business and trading, and while a mercantile people, their markets were never within their mines.

For how reclusive they are, normally only male warrior dwarves and adventurers were seen outside of their mines, and as such, in great part the Helmed dwarves are the ones to be blamed for some of the western myths of dwarves, such as they are only men, or that their woman have beards.

Common Use of ArmorEdit

Some interesting cultural singularities is their reclusion, living almost only underground, normally using in daily life armors and helms. It is not unusual for dwarves to dress in armor for social occasions to demonstrate wealth and fine workmanship in their armor, but the everyday use of armor among the Helmed dwarves goes to a greater degree than all other dwarves.

Helmed WomenEdit

Another unusual singularity is their bearded females --not really -- but in front of foreigners or other dwarves that aren't members of their families, their females wear a fake beard.

They are a very patriarchal culture even by dwarven standards, but are too few and under too much pressure to unduly not use their women for at least defense. Their women are therefore capable warriors as well with their own armor and weapon expertise.


Ancient Elven AntipathyEdit

They hate the elves for unclear reasons, but maybe related to the High Elven age of hegemony and their Imperialism.

Reluctant AlliancesEdit

However, with the passing of the centuries, and playing a role in the War of the Powers siding with the Empire of Whide Axis, and the Order of Nortender, forced them to slowly open up more, but still were a conservative and closed society.

Contacts with HumansEdit

They later began to have more and more contacts with Humans (normally male warriors and adventurers, rather than other members of their society). This spread the rumor amongst northern Aels humans that dwarves either were only male, or that their females also grew facial hair.

They would even allow Humans to settle surface lands they had claimed so as to increase their trade and allies.

Additional NotesEdit

The Helmed Dwarfs correspond most closely with "Dungeons and Dragons" dwarfs and some other game dwarfs and Tolkien's dwarfs in at least the parody of dwarf women's beards and other aspects of their culture.

Other dwarven groups in Aiers are not at all wholly dissimilar to be sure; but are less stereotyped and either more well rounded or have their own divergent quirks.

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