Henrika and mi yun by shabazik-d6oxl47

Henrika (L) reacting to some "encouragement" from fellow MAA mercenary Mi-Yun Lim, both disguised as Kasparov CIA shiks, prior to the start of the Kasparov CIA flagship Point DBG sabotage mission.

Henrika (Designation "CLS-3232") is an Albertonian "Colossus" variant shik formerly of the Kasparov CIA corporation and now the heavy gunner for Squad Ares in the Militen Aquila Aurea. Although only nine solar years old from her "birth" from the maturation chamber, she joined the mercenaries when she was biologically 24 and has been with them three years and running.


"Born" in 3428 a.a.H, Henrika was bred like the rest of her Albertonian shik sisters for one specific purpose: warfare.  As soon as her training began she was devoid of most personality and followed orders without question.  Her Dreselandes commanders had noted her particularly high accuracy ratings with just about any variant of automatic rifles and machine guns.  It was commonplace to have Albertonians as not only walking tanks but effective fire support for Jako Infantry squads, pouring volleys of light to heavy machine gun fire into enemy positions in order to allow the light infantry forces to maneuver around.  Her baptism of fire came quickly and despite the reputation of Albertonians to be tanks that were meant to be nothing more than expendable women to lay dead on the battlefield, Henrika proved her worthiness to survive with continued success against the corporation's enemies.  However this did not change her poor treatment at the hands of her commanders, still regarding her and her other sisters as nothing more than useful cattle.  A dramatic shift in her life would approach soon though.  In 3437, while defending acquired territory in Awess Sultanate space, Henrika was part of the defense force ordered to repel the surprisingly powerful Sultanate counterattack.  In addition to the royal troops, she also encountered the MAA mercenaries who had wiped out most of the defense force.  When the dust settled she found herself alone amidst the dead bodies of her platoon, every woman but her killed including her Dreselandes commander who had tried to abandon them.  Such a sight had brought her a moment of clarity, not to mention the gun barrel of Devika Rai pointing right at her.  She surrendered willingly, disgusted by the expendable treatment she and her dead sisters got from their leadership.  It did not take long for her desires to become a mercenary to be heard and granted.  Squad Ares was in need of a heavy gunner and she was the prime candidate to fill this role, though it also was the less-than-subtle endorsement of the engineer Mi-Yun Lim that had convinced Captain Markus Thomlinson to bring her aboard.  Since then, she has been a vital asset to Squad Ares and has been a culminating factor in the success of the squad and organization.  For Henrika herself, she is a rare breed of Albertonian shik to be able to not only indulge in the taste of pure freedom but also to finally find a "family" and develop the human personality she was denied since her creation.


Two shiks one uniform by shabazik-d77arhj

Henrika yelling at Mi-Yun off-panel after the latter's blatant and drunken mistreatment of MDHA shik prisoners under her watch.

Head and shoulders above the other MAA females, quite literally, Henrika is an imposing figure physically but a sometimes unsure and awkward woman socially.  Her Kasparov CIA roots had prevented her from developing a personality and a real concept of free will until 3437, so while she still struggles socializing with her other squadmates, their patience and casual personalities provide a comfort to her and she in turn shows her gratitude.  She nevertheless retains her aptitude in the art of warfare and has always been reliable in providing the heavy support whenever needed particularly in rougher engagements against more advanced enemies such as Pixie Mercenary Company.  She was bred for battle and will never lose it and her stature not only shows an iron resolve under heavy fire but also has notably caused panic in many enemy formations who have either suffered badly from Albertonians in the past or who listen to the rumors of the Albertonians literally absorbing bullets without harm.  Her newfound independence however had cause
Albertonian shik mercenary by shabazik-d8yzs48
d her to hesitate whenever engaged with Kasparov CIA shiks but over time realized that as a free woman and a mercenary, sometimes she would have to kill her former sisters as part of the job and as part of striking back at her former masters, though the credo of the MAA to often take prisoners gives her absolute respect towards her leaders and squadmates.

She still enjoys the thrill of heavy weaponry, but Henrika is also an enthusiastic and accomplished close quarters combatant.  The rest of Squad Ares finds it very difficult to defeat her in unarmed combat not just by her sheer musculature but her surprising quickness.  So far she has only met one person that could match her and that is the squad's anti-tank gunner Mokuwaei "Mo" Alihi.


  • Mi-Yun Lim - Henrika learned quickly about the engineer's affinity for Albertonians and is still subject to her rather amorous or teasing moves.  She still retains a look of surprise whenever Mi-Yun does or says something yet over time has tried to counter it as best she could with gestures of annoyance or even a light smack on occasion.  Surprisingly though, the two get along very well, the engineer always referring to her as "my big Shikkie," much to her chagrin.
  • Devika Rai - Henrika is undoubtedly greater friends with Devika than Mi-Yun, mostly because Henrika is most grateful to Devika for convincing her to request to join the MAA.  Devika also shares her staunch and serious personality that focuses on the essentials of the mission rather than playing around.  She is also the strongest female of Squad Ares next to Henrika and with that a decent sparring partner.
  • Aeden Mueller/Connor MacAelus - In many missions, Henrika has provided extremely needed support as a gunner during HELO operations to either soften up enemies, extract MAA personnel, or infiltration missions that require a third pair of eyes to spot the enemy.  Both men welcome her aptitude with the guns and in return she indulges in riding the air in a most exciting manner.
  • Eileen Yenura - Her countryside mannerisms at times confuse Henrika but like the others she shows a sincerity that helps the Albertonian adjust to the social environment of freelancers and mercenaries.  In missions, if not with Yazmeen Johnston the two are paired to provide long range firepowe
    Mo and henrika by collegeshinobi-d75yu1j

    Henrika and her lover, Mokuwaei "Mo" Alihi.

    r against larger numbers of foes as the rest of the squad engages up close and personal.
  • Mokuwaei "Mo" Alihi - One of the last people to be introduced to her, she was practically smitten at first sight.  Only Mo stands taller than Henrika, perhaps 10-15cm more, and has a muscle to him that could push a car.  When seeing if anyone could match her power in the sparring ring, only he could and fought her to a stalemate the first time around.  The rest of the squad noted that was the first time she genuinely smiled at someone.  Mo shares her passion for heavy ordnance with the exception that he is more adept in the destruction of any moving piece of metal, from mechs to tanks to APCs.  The two often work in tandem to cripple vehicles and then neutralize any crew or transport inside.  Mo is unique in the sense that he was inadvertently responsible for the Albertonian discovering affection and as time passed along with a very considerate and titillating gift during the man's birthday upon his island tribal home, he too expressed his affections towards her.  Since then they have been the "gentle giant couple" as Mi-Yun would describe it.  Mo affectionately refers to her as "niana" or "beauty" in his native tongue and also provides a stable foundation to assure her abilities as a soldier and especially as a leader during her charge at the Point DBG mission.
    Morgan in peril by shabazik-d6prwn4

    Henrika (in SHADO disguise) confronting Agent Morgan in a rather unfortunate misunderstanding between the two.

  • Agent Morgan - A rare non-MAA friend of Henrika.  The two eventually came to blows over a very awkward misunderstanding during a mission against SHADO where a powerful headbutt from Morgan had stunned the Albertonian but not before also causing Morgan to completely lose consciousness from the impact.  Coming to was also awkward for the both of them, but seeing an opportunity to humble the plucky Mi-Yun for causing this in the first place, they formed a convenient friendship to give the operator her just desserts.  Contact is spotty, but always amicable as Morgan rarely gets to meet women of worthy fighting skill like Henrika.
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