The Hidraulic Alliance, as well known as the Hidraullic Alliance, Hydraulic Alliance, Hydraulic Powers or The Hydra was an international alliance of Aiers, between Ruhenia, Viktria and Moritania and their respective vassals, protectorades, colonies and puppet states.

History[edit | edit source]

The Hydra grew out of the diplomatic efforts of the Kingdom of Ruhenia since the 3243 a.a.H, to secure their own expansionit interests and efforts in front of the growing treat of the MW, and as result of their joint efforts againsty Münzen. 

Slowly, Ruhenia had been build a small empire, and in the expansion of their sphere of influence they clashed first with the Gastronomic Empire, Bazikstan and later the Calintropian Empire in the Maurician Wars (3236-3238 a.a.H), and at first organized their interest around the UPC (Pacifist Christopherian Union) at the 3237, which was really a poorly veiled attempt to give some legitimacy to their intervention. 

The end of the Maurician Wars saw the first treaties between the personal union of Calintropia-Moritania of Maurice I and Ruhenia at the 3239. During the later known Münzen-Hidraulic War (3240 a.a.H), the Ruhenians, Viktrians and Calintropians will take part of the conflict, dividing the spoils. 

As result of this joint imperial venture, the alliance will be formally proclaimed at the 3243 a.a.H, being the initial signataries RuheniaPameliaMarcelooneoMoritania, the Calintropian EmpireViktriaSüdchristophenia and Slavkinian Republic of Uslen, being clear the leadership of Ruhenia.  

The first tests of the alliance weren't positive in their results: Moritania in Gar-Zher was left on their own, with only some vocal support of the members of the alliance at the 3244, excusing themselves from an offensive war and in the Ruhenian-MW war, most of the signataries didn't took part in a clearly defensive war.  

With the annexion of Viktria by Ruhenia at the 3263 a.a.H and the Calintropian protests and subsecuent Calintropian-Ruhenian war, the Alliance was broken.  

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