HIEYOKS: Continent of the North, stretch all over the arctic, but in some places go south almost to the equator. Hieyoks is Aiers's largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the eastern and northern hemispheres.

Given its size and diversity, Hieyoks -a toponym dating back to the Fantasy age, refered to the Hieyoks Ice Giant- "is more a cultural concept-" incorporating diverse regions and peoples than a homogeneous physical entity.  Hieyoks differs very widely among and within its regions with regard to ethnic groups, cultures, environments, economics, historical ties and government systems.



Geography and climateEdit


In Hieyoks lies the Binese Empire of the humans, which follow Confucianism and Buddhism, as well other human nations and religions (Hinduism, Islam, some Christians, pagans, to name some).

For non-humans, there are Hakes (dark elves, blue skin), Anqueael (white elves) and Snow elves (light elves from the north), and there are as representatives of the goblinoid race Galaw orcs in a more primitive state than the ones in Aels, and the Hieyoksmainer, a kind of goblin that serve the Ice giants, the Hieyoks, from where the name of the continent come. Also, there are several other species, as beast people. List of historic peoples of the Islands of Hieyoks:

-Yōsei: Fairy.

Goblinoids -Ogres --Oni: A type of Ogre. The word is used as well to design demon lords and giants.
--Hibagon: Skamal.

Humans --Onmyoji A human who have powers of Yokai's, often due mixed ancestors.


Beast People: Animal-yōkai clans
-Bakeneko: Loranor cat-people
-Byakko: Loranor Tigger (Cat-people).
-Inugami: K'nir Dog-people
- Kitsune: Fox-people
-Tanuki: K'nir racoon-dog-people
-Ushi-oni: Minotaur
-Tengu: Car'Had, Harpies, Car'Hadan and some winged, feathered demons fall in this category.

-Mizuchi: Sea "worm", dragon.
-Seiryū: Great Dragon
-Zennyo Ryūō: rain dragon
-Dragon People:
--Hebi: Snake-people, naga
--Ningyo: Tlannt.

-Oni: Term used -aside of the ogres-, to the Bazrrod demonlords.
-Amanojaku: Imp
-Gaki: Cascomi, Kattalka or Skavo demon-soldiers.
-Ōkami: Werewolves
-Hinoenma : Succubus
-Jorōgumo: a kind of spider female demon.
-Nure-onna : Naga
-Yuki-onna: The snow woman.

Monsters - Akkorokamui: A kraken

Political geographyEdit

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